Searching for my muse

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I am looking to connect with someone who is interested in developing a special relationship based on an intellectual connection and compatibility that would be built slowly over time. We live in a world of instant gratification and our fingers swipe left or right faster than our brains even have the time to process. The art of language and communication has been long lost to instant messaging and acronyms. I’m still amazed that I receive first messages that look like this: “hey hi there”.
Is that going to be you, too?

There are a multitude of reasons why people go online in search of what they find missing in their lives, and everyone here has a story to tell. I think it is just about finding the ‘one’ right person to share yours with, and then to listen to theirs in return without judgement.

I believe I am a very thoughtful and caring person with a good sense of humor, deep insight and a passionate old soul.

The person I am envisioning to meet is kind, self aware, insightful and is looking for a deep emotional connection that is currently missing in her life, which is based on open communication, trust and sharing. She is well educated (formally or otherwise) and understands the difference between sarcasm and wit as well as confidence and humility. Perhaps most importantly, she is missing an intellectual connection and has likely experienced life in a way that has impacted her where the choices she has made over the years have helped shaped who she is and where she is at today.

So yes, I’m looking for a rare, long term, mutually satisfying connection and relationship. No, I’m not looking for FWB or a casual fling. Please do not message me if what I write about is not something in your realm of interest as I will not respond to casual inquiries and I will not waste your (or my) time.

I am most certainly aware of the limitations of my search given my attached status, however, I’m only searching for one enlightened, spiritual, educated, open minded person who understands and desires to transcend normal boundaries of what is possible to achieve.

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