My Angel is a centerfold

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So, yeah, I popped in this DVD and there you were. You were so totally innocent at first, which I really liked, because I could tell you were really sincere and cool and then these dudes showed up. And I don’t know why, maybe they were friends of yours, but damn! You sure got friendly in a hurry. But hey, it’s cool. I’m not jealous. We all have a past, right? I know I do! (wink, wink)

And in a way, it was really great. I mean, before I knew what was happening, you were straddling one dude’s face and rubbing your panties on his mouth. And that’s when you started grinding your gorgeous face against the other fella’s jean-clad crotch, pawing at the obvious hard-on inside. And then like some hungry little kitten, you tore open his zipper. And would you believe it? No underwear! Wow!

Since you were so hot and all, I totally thought you’d be like, “Whoa, dude. Dinner first?”

But when his hard cock popped out, you didn’t even blink! And that is SO cool…so many girls are such teases, ya know? And that was pretty stellar since his meat was bigger than my freakin’ forearm and you downed that rocket with your obviously talented little throat in mere seconds.

And all the while, guy one had moved your thong to the side and had inserted his tongue up your ass. I mean, talk about multi-tasking! You were AMAZING!

Needless to say, this went on and on and I can’t remember all the details since the blood completely left my brain for a while…but at some point I recall you had one boy in the ass and the other in your pussy and then something happened and the next thing I know you’ve got cum all over your face and you’re giggling and it’s running down your neck and the guys are just gone and you’re staring at the camera, licking your lips…and that’s when I know you noticed me, too. I just know it!

So yeah, like, I totally saw you and I really dug it. And if you read this, I totally want to meet you for coffee and talk about our hopes and dreams. If you aren’t into coffee shops then I can take you to Applebee’s and I will totally pay for the all-you-can-eat riblets thingies, because I’ve seen what you can do with your mouth and I know you’ll be hungry!

And in case you don’t remember me exactly (I bet you get hit on all the time!) I was the guy on the couch, watching you with the lights off. It was last Saturday night. I had my Dockers around my ankles and a leaky bottle of lube on the coffee table and a greasy remote control. I wanted to keep that DVD forever but the dude at the video store would’ve charged me, like 80 bucks.

So, I figured I could reach you here. So write me, K?

I really think we totally had something, like really special.

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