Sneaker Fetish

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shoeI have a shoe fetish of sorts. Again, being somewhat different than most other men I don’t get too excited by high heels, knee length leather boots or any shoe that might typically be considered CFM footwear.
In a sexual situation I am excited by running shoes. By “sexual situation” I mean if she is posing provocatively or she is wearing them during sex.

I am somewhat specific in my desire in that I prefer the Nike or Reebok style over converse and they should be white with possible pink accents.

I am not sure where this particular fetish comes from but I think that it has historical grounds. One of my first girlfriends ALWAYS wore running shoes and a skirt with no underwear. Typically we would have sex on the fly (trying to escape the watchful eyes of her parents). One of the more popular locales for our encounters was in the front seat of her dad’s van. I would sit and she would straddle me and rock back and forth. One of the most visual aspects of this was I could see her running shoes rocking back and forth on the floor of the van.

Another aspect might be the fact that there was no time to properly undress, there was always a rush and a fear of getting caught. It could be today that wearing these shoes during sex is the ultimate expression of spontaneity.

Based on the available pornography dedicated to sneaker-wearing it suggests that this is not a mainstream fetish although there are a couple of sites dedicated to it.  It seems however that there is a sneaker (only) fetish as well.  I found a site the other day where worn, dirty and I would assume smelly sneakers were being sniffed, rubbed and masturbated to…while there wasn’t a female in the picture at all.

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