School Uniform Fetish

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booksQuite often called a fantasy this scenario is typically a uniform fetish. It is typically not a case of a man being attracted to young girls rather a sexual arousal provided by the outfit itself. I know from experience that many women typically don’t understand, rather misunderstand a man’s motivation behind this fetish.
I asked my ex-wife once if she would entertain the idea of wearing a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. She wasn’t amused, assumed I was becoming a pedophile and the like. As I said in almost all cases it has nothing to do with the person wearing the outfit, it is the visual stimulation brought about by the uniform itself.

There is likely no clothing fetish more common than the “naughty schoolgirl” outfit. It is so universal, so mainstream that it hardly seems like a fetish at all. It is a mandatory item in every stripper’s wardrobe. In virtually all pornographic magazines and videos, you’ll find some pigtailed maiden in a short plaid skirt acting young and innocent.

Looking and acting like a schoolgirl are not the same as being one. I have no attraction to actual schoolgirls. I am very happy to be an adult and have adult playmates. The uniform epitomizes the freedom to have all the pleasures of being an adolescent (a hyper-inquisitive child with strong sexual urges and wants) without the disadvantages (maths, acne, bullying, bitchy girls and ignorance).

The fixation on schoolgirl outfits belongs to a broader fetish for all uniforms, such as those for nurses, waitresses, and cheerleaders. Uniforms are sexy because they harness the individual. They depersonalize you and make you interchangeable with others in uniform. Uniforms bear something S&M about them that becomes more troubling when the uniform in question is common among underage girls. Nurses and waitresses are presumed to be adults; cheerleaders and schoolgirls aren’t.

It may be such a common fantasy role-play because virtually all of us have been to school. We have a pool of cultural ideas and experiences on which to draw, to transform the mundane real into a sexual theatre with a rich script of behaviour and feeling. Some might make the understandable error of conflating the real schoolgirl with the adult schoolgirl, but we can grant ourselves permission to indulge in a complex negotiation between past and present, to wallow in the never-was and never-will-be of youth, taking the resonating garb or word as the premise for wicked pleasures.

If I ask my partner to wear an outfit during (or as a prelude to) sex and she refuses it really makes no difference. The outfit itself is garnish. It is like the gravy, the sprig of parsley on the dinner plate for aesthetic effect. I like the look of the uniform and it’s presence can make whatever fantasy I dream up seem more real. Without the uniform I can still, will still fantasize however I see fit.

The clinical definition of a sexual fetish would require that a person is fixated on a specific garment to the extent that it exists as an exclusive (or recurrent) stimulus for sexual gratification. This is not the case with any of the fetishes I have. The presence of any specific pieces or collection of clothes is not necessary or preferred, it is just another aspect of my sexual-desire-building repertoire.

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  1. I used to have this outfit that I would wear in college that was really cute and kind of Catholic schoolgirl like. I didn’t even think of it as sexual. It was like a plaid jumper dress sewn over a white t-shirt that had a short skirt and I’d wear knee high white stockings and some clunky shoes with it. I just thought it was cute, but man the guys would STARE, lol. I wasn’t aware of the fetish or context of it at the time just thought wow, men really like this outfit for some reason. Now i know why…haha I love to dress up. I just need a guy that wants to buy me some cute outfits because I don’t have any $$. :p

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