So you like to suck cock?


signYou walked in and took a seat, dressed like you were going to an interview. We made a little small talk before banging away at the task at hand. I know you were a little nervous, but it’s ok. You’re young and I could tell you haven’t done this more than a few times before. Since I’m obviously more experienced at this, I tried my best to put you at ease. Once the idle conversation tailed off, I decided to ask the more serious questions. I liked most of your responses, even if some of them came across a little rehearsed. I thought you were attractive – not that it really mattered. In the back of my mind I’m thinking, “you’re just what I’m looking for”.

As the questions became more difficult, I could see you getting more nervous. Then the “clicking” started. What the heck was it? Maybe, just a little nervous reaction? I could see you moving your tongue around and then it popped out. A stupid fucking barbell going straight through your tongue and you were flicking it around in your mouth!

What I didn’t ask you:

So when exactly did you find the need to express yourself by drilling a hole in your tongue and pushing a steel pin through it.

Was this piece of mouth jewelry a secret signal to guys that you’re easy?

Did you receive so many complaints while giving head that you found it necessary to install apparatus in your mouth?

Do you lack self-respect?

I came to my own conclusion. You like to suck cock.

Yes, this was an interview, and there’s no way I’m paying someone $40,000 a year who is going to walk around the office wearing a giant sign in her mouth that says – I LIKE TO SUCK COCK.

The letter you receive next week will be worded a bit more vaguely than this one.

3 comments on “So you like to suck cock?”

  1. I would have to disagree with you. There are men who have their tongues pierced and don’t like to suck cock. Is it appropriate to wear a tongue ring to work (unless you’re working at a tattoo parlor), no it’s not. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who has a tongue piercing likes sucking cock. It’s like getting anything else pierced.

  2. I actually meant my post to be “tongue-in-cheek” humor (no pun intended). I know that just because someone has a tongue-ring doesn’t mean they are ravenous cock-suckers, but I have read on numerous occasions that having one can increase the stimualtion of the man during oral sex.
    Going through with having any sensitive organ pierced (especially when it is typically hidden) without a good reason seems odd to me.
    I personally cannot understand and have no appreciation for piercings in general (may be my age) but do not hold one’s desire to do so against them. That being said, I will still make light of them in my postings…like this one.

  3. Regardless, why would anyone wear that to an interview? Seriously, take it out! It’s not only distracting, but completely far from professional “business attire.” Maybe they forgot about it? I am a recent college graduate. I will take anything to pay off these student loans! Thanks for sharing!

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