The King shall not please his people

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I have to admit that I rarely converse with men.  I have no real interest in sports, fishing or drinking beer.  On the rare occasion that I do talk with men it usually starts off with a question that I have regarding how they handle a given situation when dealing with women.

Typically I get a blank stare which if translated into words would sound like, “Who cares?”  If I try and push further they might actually speak enough to tell me that I read far too much into it.

I get the idea that most men are fairly simplistic in their views of women and quite honestly I find those views to be disturbing. As it turns out, my frustration with women is not because I am misogynistic, that is that I choose to dislike women, rather frustration with trying to understand them.

The key to avoiding this frustration, according to the men I have spoken with, is not to try and understand women.  They will go on to explain to me that they really don’t care how their wife or girlfriend thinks.  If their partner is bitchy, they go fishing…and if she is in a good mood…they have sex.

Wow!  WTF have I been wasting all my time thinking about how women think for?
Because I want to.  Believe it or not I am actually supportive of women far more than you might think by reading some of my posts.  The reason I sound so bad at times is that I am actually sharing my thoughts and frustrations, whereas most men don’t.

Yesterday one of my co-workers told me that on the weekend he attempted anal sex with his girlfriend. Yup, just like that…no intros…just brought it up.  I really didn’t know what to say so I uttered, “Soo…how did that go?”

He simply stated, “It didn’t work”

Being the insightful guy that I am I went on to ask him if he thought that his girlfriend actually likes anal sex, or if she was participating in the act for his benefit.  He told me he straight-out that she was just doing it for him. I asked him if he would do the same for her, that is “participate” in some activity, even though he might not specifically enjoy it, for HER benefit.

The answer was, “no”.

He went on to explain that the King doesn’t waste his time trying to ensure that his followers are happy, it is in fact “All about the King”.

That ladies, is the typical type of response I get when discussing women with men.  The old fashioned attitudes still prevail and there is little interest in looking at “her” side of the story.

I have heard so many women state that their husband “just doesn’t seem to care”.  They are probably entirely correct…he doesn’t.

By my caring about the hows and whys I feel all I have done is increased my frustration level with women and within myself, so why do I do it?

1 comments on “The King shall not please his people”

  1. I’ve spoken to a lot of men like that and as far as I’m concerned, they’re a good couple of notches down the evolutionary ladder. Getting a woman to orgasm is a truly wonderful experience and quite easy, if you think about it. I also like to massage my lovers, although the exertion makes my hands ache.

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