Feminists demand that women make a bigger wet spot than men do


I was talking to a woman who admitted to me that her number one desire when it came to sex was to learn how to squirt. Hmmm.

The first thing that came to mind was…Is that even possible? The second thing that came to mind was…Why would you want to?

The thing that I find odd about the study of female arousal, response and climax is that they seem to come up with “new” insight all of the time.  Some of this insight is simply switching from ignorance to acceptance but with some things I am not so sure.

A few years back (40-50) there wasn’t too much said of the female orgasm…many times it seemed to be treated as if it were something that was simply “made up”.  If it were just made up…how could a woman possibly hope to achieve one?

Next on the list of new discoveries was the G-spot…followed by the A-spot and the P-spot…and still today there is scientific debate as to the existence of these erogenous zones.

Fast forward to today and there is scientific proof that women are capable of and have orgasms on a regular basis.  I am sure that in the past, the secrecy that was maintained regarding female sexuality had a lot to do with the misconceptions.

Today, if we assume that we are more open about sexuality and have the desire to learn more about how men and women get aroused etc. (it seems every other day there is a study about something sexual) how is it that something that it seems nobody heard of before…now seems to be making its way into mainstream conversation.

“Hey, have you heard about the latest thing?”
“What’s that?”
“Squirting!” “Everyone’s doing it!”
“Really? What is it”
“Not really sure…but it’s fantastic”
“Tell me more…what do you do…what does it do?”
“Nobody really knows…apparently it’s an unidentified liquid coming from an unidentified source from within our body”
“That’s great!…so what does it do?”
“It’s really cool! Remember that little wet spot that he used to make?  Well this wet spot is 50x bigger…you have to dry out your mattress for a week!”
“This gets better all the time…tell me…how can I squirt?”
“Haven’t got a clue….”

From anything I have read, squirting is supposed to be an indication of a woman’s “far-above-average” orgasm, but the explanation behind it seems to be unbelievable.  The liquid that is “ejaculated” during squirting is apparently odorless and colorless, appears to come from the urethra…but is not urine.  Scientists are baffled by the exact origin of this fluid.  Huh?  How can anyone be baffled about anything that has to do with the human body in this day in age?

I am not questioning whether or not squirting is a real bi-product of female orgasm, rather if it is possible for someone who has never squirted to learn how to do it and if it has any real bearing on her overall satisfaction.

I had the opportunity a few years ago of having sex with an ex-girlfriend.  When we were together before, she was 18 years old and this time she was 40.  The first time we were together she didn’t squirt…and this time (she was on top) she left a three-foot diameter wet spot under us.  I looked at it and said…”What is that?” “I squirted!” she replied with great enthusiasm.

I left wondering to myself why she felt the need to pee on me????

2 comments on “Feminists demand that women make a bigger wet spot than men do”

  1. Hmmm… I know, as a female, that I definitely have orgasms, lol. I had never had a vaginal one or one with a man at all though until less than a year ago and I am in my mid 30’s and have a fairly extensive sexual history. I was skeptical as to whether non clitoral orgasms even existed but I can now say for sure that they do!! I also have experienced squirting at least once. There have been other times GUYS have thought I squirted due to wetness but I’m not so sure that wasn’t just regular juices produced during sex. The one time I know for sure was with my current fuck buddy and he had to point it out to me. There was an audible “squirting” pop sort of sound and it was a good orgasm, but I’ve had better. I really don’t see why squirting has become such a big deal except for that it gives men “proof” as to a woman’s orgasm and they don’t get much of that.

  2. Agreed with the above comment re: proof of orgasm. If you spend any time chatting with men, you are quick to learn that generally they place a high value on squirting. As to whether or not any woman can learn to do it: yes. Every woman has the potential. The question is more whether or not she has been stimulated in the right area. Typically women who “learn” to squirt don’t produce the volume of liquid “naturals” do. As a woman who did not squirt until I hit my 30s, I don’t leave a mess that needs the mattress aired out or cleaned. But it happens. Orgasms that accompany it do not necessarily feel more intense to me. But then again, my orgasms are fairly intense creatures in their own right.

    I’m glad I don’t make such a mess. Who would want to clean up all that so many times a week??

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