Sexy vs. Beauty

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When I was married to the Ice Queen we always had arguments as to how she felt that I should perceive a woman’s looks.  If I commented positively on a woman’s appearance, her rebuttal was always that said woman was “not beautiful” and therefore not good-looking.  She would go on about cheekbone height and size of lips etc and I could never see her reasoning for it. A woman could be sexy, but that did not make her beautiful and in the world according to the Ice Queen, beauty was the only way to go.

One woman who Ice Queen always admired was Angelina Jolie and while I can appreciate why this woman is considered beautiful, she doesn’t appeal to me.

I am not a beauty contest judge in my spare time.  I don’t know the “rules” of beauty.  All I know is that If I find a woman attractive…I do.  Period.

My new wife and I were walking through a mall last weekend and as she always does, she will point out sexy women to me, just in case I missed them. What crossed my mind was that “sexy” held far greater appeal to me than “beauty”.  It occurred to me that beauty seems to be something that is determined by a mathematical equation, whereas sexy pretty much relies on the looker’s perception.

I love to look at sexy women, whether they are beautiful or not.  A woman’s sexiness is determined by her dress, her style, her aura and her attitude.  A woman who is overweight, under height and doesn’t have her cheekbones in the precise spot to make her technically beautiful can still be sexy…very sexy.

I don’t know why my ex made such a fuss about beauty, it was not as if she fell into the parameters of beauty…and even more disappointing to me was her lack of sexiness.  I swear that she went out of her way to dress and act in a way to avoid even the slightest hint of sexiness.  My new wife is not a beauty queen either (as I am sure my ex would point out) but to me she is VERY sexy.

Off the top of my head, women that I find attractive and sexy but are not necessarily (technically) beautiful are:

Selena Gomez
Stana Katic
Debra Messing
Freida Pinto
Sarah Shahi
Lea Michele

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  1. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I was looking at some pics of the Miss Universe candidates yesterday and thinking how some of the women in a few of the countries would never be considered beautiful in the U.S. A couple countries even had “thicker” girls. Of course all of the women are beautiful to a lot of people somewhere or they wouldn’t even make it as contestants.

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