Behind every good man is a woman

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My father once made the statement that “Behind every good man is a woman.” I agree with this in principal, providing the woman is “good” as well.
I spent most of my life involved with women whose (seemingly) sole purpose in life was to be treated like a Princess, but in return offered insults, degradation, emotional abuse and withholding of sex as “punishment” for not living up to their ever-expanding level of expectation.

I am typically frustrated and often disgusted with the way that so many women act today. The Feminist movement was presented to the world as a way for women to gain equality and the respect that they deserve, but in ways it has failed miserably. Men are now made out to be stupid morons whose only purpose in life is to serve the whims of the women that they may have the unfortunate fate of loving.
I am not a misogynist. I don’t truly hate women…I would love to love them, however I find myself rarely trusting or respecting them.

Today I am happily married to a woman who I can honestly say “gets it”. My relationship with her is like any other, like a scale with two equal and opposing sides with a fulcrum in the middle. We live our life together very close to the fulcrum, not taking so much as to upset the balance in the process. Unlike the way in which many men seem to think is the only way to conduct a proper relationship, that being one is the boss and the other is a submissive follower; we have equal say, equal participation and equal responsibility in our relationship.

Being happy with who I am and with my partner gives me the mental freedom to state my thoughts as opposed to hiding them for fear of judgement.

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