Why I don’t like Craigslist

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Although this post is about a chaise lounge, also sometimes referred to as a casting couch…it has nothing to do with sex…for a change.  For the past three years a co-worker has been looking for a chaise lounge.  She has a limited budget so finding a used one would be more practical.  Since I frequent Craigslist and Kijiji (A Canadian website similar to Craigslist) looking for antiques; I always take a few extra moments and look for a chaise.

On December 21st in the evening I found it!  The perfect chaise for her…leopard print, local and inexpensive.  The posting had been made 10 minutes earlier and only 5 other people had viewed it prior to me.  I immediately sent and email to inquire and also sent one to my co-worker to let her know the good news. She also sent an email to the seller to let them know she was interested.

Days went by with no reply.  The listing remained and the number of views increased.  After a week I sent off another email thinking maybe for some reason my first one had gone astray or ended up in the seller’s junk mail file.

After 2 weeks, figuring that there was no chance of a replay I decided to send a somewhat sarcastic email, just to see if I might pique a response. In the long run, I never got a response, the ad has finally been deleted and I am back to my search for a chaise.

My email:

Hello, I am writing (once again) on behalf of a co-worker that is interested in the chaise you have offered for sale.  She had asked me why I thought you may have not responded to her emails.  I suggested that:

1. You posted the ad and then took a 3 week vacation in Bermuda.
2. You mis-spelled YOUR email address and are in fact not receiving any emails regarding the chaise.
3. You sold the chaise within 2 minutes of posting but inadvertently deleted the instructions from Kijiji on how to delete your ad.
4. You are some sort of strange person that gets off on multiple random emails from strangers, yet have no desire to answer them.  A control thing.
5. Your grown kids found out that you were selling (behind their back) the chaise that they had always hoped to inherit after your demise.  They also felt that $80 was a little “too cheap”.  They immediately came over, picked it up and promised to pay you the $150 that it is really worth…later (like that is going to happen).  SInce then you have called them three times trying to figure out how to delete the ad…but they aren’t answering the phone.

How do YOU like it?

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