I have to accept that I am huge!

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Well everyone, the results are in AND I am in fact much bigger than I had previously thought.  Yup, it’s true…I took a simple test based on my age, height and present weight and it turns out that I am in fact HUGE!  Unfortunately the results were for overall body mass and not individual components, so I ‘m not all that excited.  Actually it turns out that men with a BMI greater than 30 are not only obese, they have smaller than average penises…..or so they say…..

My wife and I were bored yesterday so spent some time Googling everything from calories in our typical meals, to ideal weights for our age.  One of the main calculators for what weight one SHOULD be is the BMI or body mass index.

It turns out that my wife is grossly overweight and I am…obese.  Yes…obese.  I know that none of you have ever seen me so you can’t judge for yourself but…I am 5 foot 10” tall and weigh 200 lbs.  I have a bit of a tummy but I would not consider myself to be obese by any means…but the numbers don’t lie.

My wife is chubby…has been since I met her.  Quite honestly I love the way she looks, her chubbiness rounds out her curves and she looks hot! She has said to me for the last 5 years that she wants to lose weight.  She joined the gym and has gone 3-4 times a week for the last 3 years.  She also bought a treadmill and runs ½ hour per day…every day.  Net result she has not lost a single pound…which is fine by me.  She made a New Year’s resolution to lose 10 pounds this year by watching her diet and I agreed with her that ten pounds was a reasonable goal…and would not deter from her curves that much.

Turns out after yesterday’s insight, she needs to lose 30 lbs! I have to lose 42!

I’m really not sure where the BMI came about from…but I don’t like it AND I have no intention of using it as a realistic gauge as to what my ideal weight should be.  It just seems so far out of touch with reality to me.

That being said if they had a PMI (Penis Mass Index) complete with a mathematical calculation that led to the result that it was grossly oversized…I would be happy!

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