Whatever happened to Good porn?


A fellow blogger wrote a post asking why there seemed to be an increase in the prevalence of heterosexual anal sex in pornographic films. I would only typically comment on his post, but find in some cases that my comments are entire posts in themselves.
You can read his post here:

In my opinion, the reason for the increase in heterosexual anal sex in porn is part of the overall sexual attitude on the web. Every day I see more and more portrayals of demoralizing acts, acts against one’s will and outright violence against women in porn. The most extreme sites are easily recognized by scenes of objectified women being attacked or tortured. Others contain photos of women engaged in standard sexual activities, but whose sad, pained, fearful, dead or drugged eyes belie their actions and make it clear that they are not enthusiastically (or even willingly) taking part.

In the good ol’ days of porn, there was a depiction of “standard” sex which in many cases was followed by the “money shot”. That being the man would finish on the woman’s face, cheek, chin, throat or breasts. Pretty tame by today’s standards.
Today, depictions of anal sex, simulated strangulation, slapping of the face, spanking, ejaculating into the mouth, ass-to-mouth, urinating on another, fisting, gangbangs, object insertion, rape and torture are all finding their way into mainstream porn. Other sites do not contain such extreme images but nevertheless characterize the women, individually and as a group, with words such as: sluts, whores, bitches and worse.

So back to the question as to why there is an increase in the prevalence in anal sex in porn.
I personally feel that is part of a bigger picture and depiction of violence against women. The porn industry glorifies certain acts and makes the viewer believe that such acts are part of “standard” sex. The more the viewer sees it, the more apt they are to believe that such activity is normal…or that those that do not participate in such acts are not normal. So ladies, those of you that have not yet had a bone in your butt…what’s up? You know that EVERYONE is doing it except you…so you had better get into it…
This is the type of attitude that it promotes. The portrayal of anal sex in porn may not promote violence towards women directly but it is the subconscious thought of making a woman do something that may be against her will or better judgment that is the issue.

Anal sex and finishing in the woman’s open mouth are so common now that one might think that this is “standard” sexual activity. It has become “vanilla”. When something becomes the norm, producers have to increase the shock-value by coming up with new ways to “impress” the viewers. It has been only in the past few years that I have seen what is referred to as “ass-to-mouth” videos on a regular basis. Not because I am actively seeking them but they will pop up as part of “standard” porn if you will. Ass to mouth is when a man performs anal sex on a woman and then puts his penis directly from her anus into her mouth. Typically this will be done several times during the act…for full effect. This is disgusting, dangerous and nobody is going to make me believe that anyone (other than someone that is extremely off base) would actually like this sort of activity, but it is becoming far TOO common in porn…just like “standard” anal sex a few years back.

What people do in private is their own business. The prevalence of anal sex among consenting heterosexual adults has increased from 16% in 1992 to 40% in 2010. I could assume that part of this increase is due to its depiction in porn, with the typical porn viewer (male) being the instigator. It is also true that some women enjoy anal sex and if they had never tried it, they wouldn’t know. That being said, still 6 out of 10 women that have tried it…don’t like it.
The pornographic depiction of anal sex gives the impression that all women like it…and if they don’t…they should…

6 comments on “Whatever happened to Good porn?”

  1. That’s about the best answer I’ve seen and something even I never really thought about in this context. So, yeah, while there are women who do enjoy anal sex, most women won’t even try it because, well, it looks painful and it’s still considered to be a rather filthy thing to do.

    That ass-to-mouth thing in porn is disgusting, although it’s no secret that porn stars who engage in anal sex without a condom go through an extensive cleansing before filming starts – but it’s so shocking that no one watching it would think about that because the industry does have some standards it has to adhere to.

    Like so much porn, it is highly suggestive; I can remember watching porn back in the day and rarely, if ever, saw a woman with a cock sticking out of her ass – at best, she’d get fingered back there. Now, it seems you can’t watch M/F porn without her getting nailed in the ass…

  2. Just one additional comment…as an aside…I don’t really like watching anal sex or oral sex in porn. It doesn’t do anything for me…doesn’t excite me. I’m not really sure why. When it comes to the reality of engaging in anal sex…I like it but I have found in many cases that she wants it to be “part of” a love making session, not the whole deal. I just find that anal sex, because it requires more preparation, care and safe-guards it can effectively ruin the whole spontaneity that led to the encounter in the first place….so I don’t usually suggest it.

  3. I think the ass to mouth thing is awful for anyone to be promoting and I don’t get why anyone would enjoy either doing that to someone or receiving it OR watching it. I guess the porn industry goes with what their customers seem most interested in though, so I guess it must turn a lot of people on to see these taboo acts. So unhygienic and dangerous for the woman. Yuck. And its scary because it gives the idea to lots of men that it is okay to try because they saw it on porn. Smfh.

    Anyway, as a woman who has had anal sex but didn’t enjoy it either time, I really hate this focus and have to make sure before getting in bed with men that they understand I am not into it and aren’t someone who will try to push it on me. Believe me, a lot of guys will and when you tell them you don’t care for it they try to convince you otherwise.
    I am fortunate that none of the men I see now are pushy about this and some are even in the tried it but not really into it category just like me.
    Granted, the times I had anal sex in the past I was really young and it was pushed on me, there was no warning or lube used and they just rammed it in and really hurt me. I got dizzy and lightheaded and nearly threw up.
    Also during a sixsome after my first swinger party earlier this year a guy tried to stick it in my ass without warning. He got it halfway in before I pulled away from him and didn’t play with him anymore that night.
    Anal sex is one of those things that people either seem to love or hate and I think it’s best to just match up with likeminded folks. The nice thing about open relationships is that if im not into it and he is he can get that elsewhere. 😛

  4. I completely agree that anal sex has skyrocketed due to the depiction of it in porn. From my experience a lot of heterosexual men who have Not had a lot of sexual partners think it’s normal. I don’t particularly like watching anal in porn all to often, just not my thing. I do however watch a lot of porn…probably more than the average woman.

    I’m a single woman and I have engaged in anal sex with a lot of my partners. When i discuss it with a partner I say that anal sex is a “sometimes” thing and depends on how “dirty” I feel like being. I don’t actually get any physical pleasure from it, it’s all psychological.

    I also tell them that there is prep when it comes to it so if I tell them it’s not ok to do it, then it’s Not. I’m sorry, but my body and health come first…which means my plumbing needs to work like it should.

  5. I love porn as a topic of discussion great entry!

    If 6 out of 10 women do not enjoy anal sex it would stand to reason why we see so much of it in porn. I like to think of porn as still being the depiction of fantasy, where it is okay to WATCH a video of taboo or something we might feel we are denied or have never achieved. I myself like to watch things I would never do myself, I call them stunt cunts for a reason.

    I think women have always been inserting things into their cunts, having sex with animals, doing groups of guys and yes there was even a fetish of sex with the dead or more ‘macabre’ but now we have all this great technology that makes it come to life vs reading or looking at drawn pictures – not to mention dark alley back doors to bookstores where you had to risk getting caught with kink material which was illegal. Now its not.

    The other important factor when looking at the internet and it’s capacity to impact our sexual activities is of course information. What is not explained in these studies is: are more women engaging/trying anal sex with their partners because they are better informed (not via porn) on how to make it pleasurable.

    Religion sadly also plays a part in early anal experimentation: religious household teens reported having anal sex vs vaginal because ‘it wasn’t really sex’ and this leads to a lot of bad experiences and long term damage (dry insertion, that’s all I have to say on that).

    For a lot of women who can search in the privacy of their home how to clean, lube and make something that they otherwise deemed gross, dirty and ‘wrong’, might now feel a sense of adventure in attempting it – even if they end up not liking it – and even if they only tried it once it can help explain the increase from 16% to 40% (not to mention people filling out more online survey’s than they were say 1992). Women from around the globe are also communicating more about sex so not feeling the ‘freak’ for trying it, liking it or hating it also makes an impact on our willingness to talk about it.

    It’s not that I don’t agree with blaming porn but I think porn, like art, is really a snap shot in time in our human history that can explain where we are as a society at any given time: in my lifetime there was a time when we never saw interracial love in video. Not to mention now that everyone has a camera on their phone or video camera at the ready they can produce their own videos and we remain in high demand for instant sexual gratification even if it is only video or cam to cam.


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