Believe some things you hear

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I’m not sure how much women talk among themselves about private matters, but talk among men seems to be sparse at best. Men are used to bullshitting about everything to do with sex, and quite honestly anything I have heard uttered from another man I don’t take as the truth.
If I was to ask a man if he might have experienced anything “unusual” in his sex life or specifically had any issue with his equipment…the answer would typically be an emphatic NO!

“Strong like Bull!”
“Hung like horse”
“Always works, lasts for hours…my wife walks funny for weeks afterwards!”
“Why? What’s up with you?”
I even asked my doctor a question regarding my ummm, concerns to which I was told, “You are too young to be concerned about that.”
So I feel that a lot of guys, like me, are left trying to figure out what, if anything, is wrong all by themselves.
The problem is things seem to be “slipping” if you will.

When I was young ANYTHING would stimulate me. I couldn’t walk through the woman’s intimates section of a department store, or ride the back of the bus, or look at Suzy’s pigtail (the girl at the desk in front of me in class) without getting…and staying hard.
Throughout my life I have had no problems, I look, I think, it’s up and nothing but some method of the release of tension will put it down.
Until now…

This wasn’t something that happened overnight, it was actually quite gradual. What I noticed was it would go up, just like it had so many (thousands) of time before BUT if the stimulation be it visual, physical or via thought was taken away…it would fairly quickly…well…deflate.
In itself this has caused no problem, in reality the only stimulation that matters is that offered via my wife. The fact that I’m not sporting a woody every time a hot chick walks by is really not an issue. When lovemaking, everything is fine. The only issue might be (and this happens more often than I would like) if one of the kids starts banging on the door and “mom” has to leave to tend to them. If she is gone for 5 minutes she wouldn’t be coming back saying, “Ahh… just the way I left it!”

As I said, not a big problem…but anything that doesn’t work EXACTLY the way it did before causing me some concern. Today it’s slipping and tomorrow who knows. How long before it doesn’t work at all?
So, one day I have one of our supplier’s in my office and he is one person that I could say that is as “open” in conversation as I am. He stated to me that after leaving my office he had to run to pick up his Viagra because he had a hot date tonight. Viagra? This guy is ten years my junior (He is 38) and he is taking Viagra? Must not have the same doctor as I do! Anyways we got into a bit of conversation about the issue and he told me that what was happening to me was “how it starts”. He told me he cannot maintain an erection at all…not enough to perform intercourse. Hmmm.

I made a mental note to seek another doctor’s opinion. That was about one month before Christmas.
Something I did over the Christmas holidays was quit smoking. I didn’t smoke a lot before, specifically a pack (8) of Captain Black’s cigarillos per week. I always liked to smoke while having a drink (or was that have a drink with my smoke?) Regardless I found it easier to tolerate not smoking if I wasn’t drinking either.

That being said, it has now been a month since I quit smoking….and drinking.
Last night I woke up three times…with an unusually hard appendage. I figured I may have tried to roll over and the “kickstand” prevented it…causing me to wake up. Another thing that was odd was that I remembered dreaming…not of a sexual nature…but a dream none-the-less. I cannot remember dreaming at all for the last 20 years at least…unless I was camping.

I’m thinking that somehow an increase in oxygen, when camping in the fresh air…and now by way of not smoking has somehow increased my ability to dream or at least to remember them. I wonder if the same increase in oxygen or decrease in toxins has increased the blood flow to “him”. Too early to tell.
I have read many times that smoking can adversely effect blood flow and cause impotence, but never really gave it any thought until now. Believe me I AM thinking about it now…

Just finished checking my emails, 10 spam letters offering me ways to increase my penis size…and 5 for cheap Viagra. Normally I would delete these…but this time I’ll save them…just in case.

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  1. HA! There are natural ebbs and flows man. I think if you go through it without running to the doctor for the little blue pill every time something doesnt work as you think it should you deserve a gold star. I feel for guys I really do, ten years younger and that much pressure but lets be honest doctors give that shit out like fucking candy because it makes everybody money.

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