I want your sex


Ladies, the truth in the following will not come as a shock to most of you…just that most men will not be so forthcoming…I want to have sex with you.

I am not attempting to be rude in any way…I am just stating a fact. It doesn’t matter how I go about saying it, how I try to hide the fact or how long it takes to get to that point…I want to have sex with you.

Some guys…and you have met at least a few, do in fact take the direct approach and ask for sex somewhere between the 3rd and 5th line of their initial contact with you. They don’t sugar-coat it or beat around the bush with all of that “let’s be friends first” stuff…they let you know right up front they want to nail you. As much as I find their approach to be somewhat rough around the edges…I will give them points for their honesty.

Others will try to “woo” you. These are the gentlemen in the bunch. They know how (or at least they try) to play the “game” of love. These “gentlemen” use romance instead of in-your-face statements to hopefully seduce (read confuse) you so they can have sex with you. They understand that the old adage that “nothing in life is free” is true and that they will in one way or another have to pay to get into your pants. They may not have to out-and-out hand you cash for the deed (unless you are into that sort of thing) but will have to spend countless hours trying to think of creative ways to make you think “hey this guy must really like me…more so than the next guy…or the last guy…I think I will show him my appreciation by sharing my “love” with him. These guys, although not as honest as the first bunch will in fact get further than the first batch because they know how to sugar-coat the truth. They are masters of using smoke and mirrors to hide the truth. They can make a wiener look like a popsicle…and who doesn’t like popsicles.

Still others will sit back with a “wait and see” approach or outright wait for you to make the first move. I fall into this category.
I know that you don’t want the honest guys to contact you, something about a guy being so forward gets him labeled a “pig”…so I don’t go that route. The ones that play the game, although highly successful will eventually get labeled as players and through word of mouth…they too will be isolated.

I prefer to be the “nice guy”…
You just want to be friends? No problem…
You want a shoulder to lean on? Take mine…
Nobody will listen to you? I will…
Feeling down? I’ll make you smile…
Life treating you badly? I’ll tell you everything will be alright…

I’ll listen to you when you tell me about all of the pigs that contact you and can’t write a line that doesn’t contain a sexual innuendo…and how much you hate them. I listen to you when you tell me how you thought you had met Mr. Right, how he was so romantic, how you saw a future together, how you fell in love…until you found out he was banging your best friend too….I’ll listen.

I’ll be your best friend. I’ll be the perfect gentleman and will always treat you and our conversations with the utmost respect…but…don’t ever forget one thing. I want to have sex with you. It may never happen, we may never talk about it and YOU may never think about it…but I will…and I will be waiting….just say the word.

7 comments on “I want your sex”

  1. Thing is, that approach is notorious for making women think you are NOT sexually attracted to them and slotting you into the infamous “friend zone” for eternity. If a guy doesn’t SHOW some sexual interest, I assume he doesn’t have any.

  2. I really liked this! Very good points made. I really enjoyed the 4th paragraph about guys who “woo” women. I think that if a guy is taking a girl out and spending money on her are essentially “paying” for sex still though.

  3. Great post! I generally appreciate a more direct approach, but I want a friendship too. It’s important for to know that a guy wants me. It’s part of what gets my interest peaked.

  4. Excellent post. Incidentally, And it’s quite all right — I want to have sex with you, too. Women, in general, probably want to have sex with you. The approach you outlined definitely has it’s appeal. However, you could run the risk, as other commenters have noted, of winding up in the “friend-zone”. I realize many women don’t desire a blunt approach, but there is definitely a difference between blunt and well, sleazy.

    But I may be a bad person to take advice from, as my standard pick-up line is, “Hey. Wanna fuck?”

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