Safe sex

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Think that everyone around you is practicing safe sex? Think again.

This is not a post about practicing safe sex, we all should be aware by now of the dangers of not using protection. I would like to know why supposedly mature adults, 51% by one survey do not practice safe sex.

There are reasons why people specifically do not like to use condoms. Some of them are:

I don’t want to hurt his/her feelings
By using protection it might “look” like I have some disease or I feel that he/she might have one. It is embarrassing, seems like I am treating them as guilty without a trial.

It Doesn’t Feel As Good
Condoms definitely get a bad rap. Common complaints are that they interrupt the mood, are less intimate and just don’t feel as good.

I Don’t Believe in Casual Sex, So I Don’t Need to Get Condoms
Many people aren’t into casual sex. However, despite their personal and moral beliefs, these same people sometimes find themselves having sex they hadn’t planned on —- often without protection.Why is this? There are a few reasons.
How we feel about having sex can play a part. Studies have found that people who feel guilty about having sex are among those least likely to use condoms! Some people can only justify sex that happens in the heat of the moment and feel that any kind of preparation would make it seem like they had planned the event.

What It Comes Down To
In my personal experience, I too have not used common sense in the heat of the moment. There was no particular reason not to…I just didn’t. There was never any question or resistance from her side either…it didn’t come up at all. When I have asked this question of a lover the response I got was:

I was not a one night stand. If they picked a guy up in the bar they would insist that he use protection.
I seemed like a nice guy and they believed the sexual portion of our relationship was part of the bigger picture. In other words that our dating would lead to a more long term relationship. In still other words, because our relationship was not casual, there was less need for practicing safe sex.
They had no other sexual experience other than their ex husband of 12 years. Because they had not had multiple partners and they were “safe” there should be no worry.

Some people get a thrill out of taking a chance. Others simply feel that unprotected sex is pleasurable enough to be worth the possible consequences. To be honest I have no specific “excuse” if you will other than I was not planning on the initial sexual encounter happening when it did. I was not prepared and I guess I should have said no but I didn’t. Like being offered a Filet Mignon and not having a fork…Who cares! I can eat with my hands can’t I?

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