My Sexual Bucket list…A work in process


I started this blog in December 2012. Since then I have read a number a fellow blogger’s sexual bucket lists.

• It seems to be a predominately female “thing”, as I rarely see them posted by men. The ones that I have read from men so far were written by bisexual men.
• I find that women’s bucket lists typically involve different aspects of sex, whereas men’s bucket lists typically involve having sex (any sex) in different locales.
• Many of the things on sexual bucket lists are things that would be easier to accomplish when young and/or single.
• Certain things on HER bucket list could be accomplished providing she provided the invitation, the same things on HIS list could be considered pure fantasy or could be accomplished by paying large sums of money.

That being said, here is my Sexual Bucket List
1. Finish, ejaculate, orgasm, cum, whatever anyone might choose to call it…in her mouth. Not for show like the porn movies where she is sitting there with her mouth wide open like a baby bird waiting for a worm from mommy bird, and not from a dominating perspective like, “Yeah, take that….” I don’t care if she spits, swallows…swaps
I want to finish in her closed mouth. Once. At least….
2. Experience a prostate massage or some sort of prostate stimulation, by itself or along with oral stimulation or intercourse. This could be digitally or via some sex toy… Haven’t given it a tremendous amount of thought…as yet.
3. Watch a guy fuck my wife while I watched…until I couldn’t take it anymore and had no choice but to finish in her mouth…did I REALLY mention that before…sorry! I would love being able to take a voyeuristic stance in this regard.  Watching someone, especially your wife have sex may seem rather off…but it would LOOK so great!
4. Have another woman join us. Not specifically to have sex with the other woman, I want her to orally pleasure my wife.
5. Tie up my wife and force her through various means to orgasm.
6. To fist my wife. Just for the visual. The greater her vagina is spread open…the hornier I get.  I personally feel this is one reason that men like porn where the male stars are hung…could it be that they too like the visual that a big penis provides when spreading her open?
7. Masturbate to a sex scene involving a woman that I found very attractive and then have my wife finish me with her mouth. About the closest I will likely come to swinging.
8. Watch another couple(s) having sex. Not a movie…live. Accidentally saw my mom and dad once…but that doesn’t count!
9. Swing…swap partners with another couple with as much hesitation and lack of experience as my wife and I.
10. Double/triple penetrate my wife, with another one or two guys.
11. Use a fucking machine on my wife…while I watch.
12. Expand on sexual role-playing and act out situations that are exciting for one/both of us but neither has had the will to admit as yet.
13. Have sex outside. Yup..never actually done this before.
14. Have sex in a hot tub. Nope…never.
15. Get a blowjob while driving AND refer to #1…AND not crash in the process.
16. Video my wife being naughty, masturbating, having sex and then watch the movie in her absence while masturbating.
I am sure there are a lot more that I could add over time. The really pleasurable thing about writing this bit was I realize how happy I am with my wife and our sex life. There is really not much on my list that I feel that I NEED to experience…some of it is more fantasy than a desire to experience it in reality.
My list before was a LOT longer and most I have crossed off, with my wife and without a tremendous amount of persuasion. That is to say that she must be thinking along the same lines as I am.


I received a few comments which I did not post in which the writer chastised my choices.  They went on to say that it seemed to them like I wanted my wife to act like a porn star, that my items were primarily degrading and disgusting.  They then went on to say something about God…so I deleted it.  For the record, I would NEVER ask my wife (or anyone else) to do anything against their will, nor would I ask them to do something against what they feel is reasonable.  This is not a situation where you tie up your wife and invite the neighbours over to gangbang her…there has to be a tremendous amount of discussion and reassurance beforehand (at least in our case).  Regardless of how kinky and how much another might frown upon my selections, they are just ideas that I am being open and honest about how they appeal to me.  As I said before, most will probably remain fantasy but if they come to reality you can be sure that the wonderful communication that my wife and I share will be the biggest part of the whole experience.

9 comments on “My Sexual Bucket list…A work in process”

  1. Sweet! Sportsheets makes an affordable under the bed restraint system, what i like about this: its not intimidating for first timers, very light and velcro but yet still comfortable and can be pushed back under the mattress so kids can not find it, if they do just explain it is keeping the bed together because mommy and daddy need a new bed. And it sounds as though your wife just might appreciate a bit of a surprise one night… and cross of number 5.

  2. Thank you for your suggestion. I checked out the Sportsheets and they sound like a great idea. The one “issue” (and I’m not complaining) is that my wife tends to “dive right in” to anything that I suggest. I suggested some sort of playful restraints a few months ago so she went on Google. What she came up that caught her attention with was more of a serious bondage system complete with spreader bar that would keep her in a spread eagle position. I thought that it looked fantastic…but sometimes I wonder where my wife gets HER ideas from…and maybe I really don’t want to know. Regardless, I am heading downtown this weekend so will have the opportunity to check out a couple of toy stores to see what they have. Toronto is not as open minded as Montreal IMHO so finding full-line stores that carry what I want are rare. Thanks again.

    1. I am laughing my ass off – she sounds awesome! and then I had a memory of a porn I once saw where the man used a broom handle to tie his wife’s legs apart and then took the vacuum cleaner to her clit… you could be doing far worse man, trust me!

  3. I actually am impressed by how much you involve your wife in your fantasies. That’s really sweet. 🙂 I’ve come to enjoy finishing the Professor off in my mouth frequently. He often pulls out and I swallow at the end. As for fisting….some women love it I hear but ouch. I’ve just never liked the idea of being stretched open too much. :p

  4. It is not a romantic notion, but a realistic reason that she is part of my fantasies. To be honest, the reason that my wife shows up so much in my fantasy scenarios …. is that she is my fantasy girl. I spent most of my life in relationships where I was WITH one woman and fantasizing about other women. I am now enjoying (for the first time in my life) a relationship where love, communication, sex…and yes even fantasy are all with one woman….well pretty much….

    #2 . Thanks for rubbing it in! Ok maybe my one woman doesn’t meet 100% of my desires.

  5. Great read. It’s so easy to get lost in the notion that our fantasies are taboo, especially the really dirty, exciting ones. But I am becoming so appreciative of how open people are finally starting to become about their sexuality and fantasies. I keep reminding myself that we only get one shot at this life and if we don’t even dare to express our desires, we’ll definitely never get the possibility to experience them.

    Good luck with your list!

  6. Your bucket list is almost word for what mine is. My wife mad I have shared ours with each other and both have some similar and some crazy stuff on it. From what I hear most men who want to see their wife with another man are bisexual but I love seeing her stretched and know that she cums hard and intensely so having a larger cock in her seems like a hot fantasy but don’t know that I could actually take it if she was with another man especially if she gave him oral or he chummed In or on her. I would make a nice substitute with a woman with a strap on. I would let her do anything to her with no hesitation. I assume you feel the same desire. My wife showed this list to me and and said its like you wrote it. I think these lists help us be more open and honest with each other. I think most men desire the same stuff as do women most lists from each have similar stuff with each other. But just because we fantasize about this stuff doesn’t mean it has to happen some fantasies are just better left as fantasies just nice to know what she desires makes for better sex. I think every couple should make one and try not to get jealous when inevitably someone of the other sex pops up because everybody thinks about and once your secure enough to talk about it and deal with it your sex lives seem to explode ours is better just knowing and we haven’t done the first thing on either of our yet.

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