For god’s sake…don’t smile…he might smile back!


I have to state here that I live in the Greater Toronto Area, that is I live in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. For sake of this post, that will suffice.
I have been dating women in the Toronto area while in an “open relationship”, while married and while single. I have come to the conclusion (so far) that women that live in or close to Toronto are far more conceited than their country counterparts. Their perception of themselves and their perceived value in the dating marketplace are seriously flawed. For the record, my current wife isn’t from Toronto…not even from this continent.

I have been to a number of other major Canadian cities, Montreal being one that comes to mind and the women there are far friendlier than those that reside in Toronto. Forget dating, even walking down the street you might get a smile from a woman and in general they just look and act far “happier” than Torontonian females.
My wife and I got married last July and spent a week on our honeymoon. We flew to Vegas and then drove to Santa Monica, San Francisco, Yosemite Park, Death Valley and then back to Vegas. I commented that Death Valley for one’s honeymoon would have been more appropriate for my first wife. Ok…well I thought it was funny.

When we were in Santa Monica, something VERY unusual happened. My wife and I spent an entire day walking around. During that walk, on the beach, in the shop and malls virtually every woman we passed smiled. It wasn’t a flirtatious smile, it wasn’t anything that bothered my wife. It was just warm and friendly and so out-of-place to me that I really noticed it. The next stop on our trip, San Francisco, was back to normal. The women on the street were in a hurry, no one looked happy and there were no warm smiles…just like Toronto.

I have wondered about this ever since…was it the coastal sunlight reflecting off the sand blinding these women into thinking it was George Clooney passing them? Do women in Santa Monica all have the same cycle and I just happened to be there at ovulation time?
The truth is, it had nothing to do with me. The women just seemed to have a genuine warmth about them that I had not encountered before…a warmth that Torontonian women could definitely take a cue from. They might find that acting “nice” is more satisfying than the typical miserable, ugly, bitchy attitudes that so many work so hard at perfecting in this city.

2 comments on “For god’s sake…don’t smile…he might smile back!”

  1. <- is a french Canadian expat. Interesting, I can say since I have moved to the US of EH I have noticed subtle differences and has also ruined a big part of my sex life.

  2. Are you going to elaborate on “ruined a big part of my sex life”? Sounds like you might be able to write a post on that….I’m curious

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