When I said “Gimme five”….I meant it


What is it about women (the ones that I have met) and oral sex?  There is a big discrepancy between the sexes when it comes to the amount of time spent performing the act. I know in my experience that there is a certain expectation that I spend as much time as needed to ensure that she is satisfied. This will be on average from 15-60 minutes. Never mind that all this while my head is cocked at a 45 degree angle and my tongue gets numb from the swirling and darting that is required non-stop in order for her to reach orgasm. God forbid that I rest for a second…that means starting from the beginning all over. Even worse I had one lover that seemed to enjoy it yet took an extra long time to come. After some discussion I found out she was “holding out” to savor the sensations. I thought my tongue was going to break off…but as long as SHE was happy…right?

When it comes to her “returning the favor” she seems to be in a rush to get it over with. I timed it on more than one occasion, just for interest’s sake and 2 minutes seems to be about average. After that she stops putting any effort into it and starts complaining about a stiff jaw.

I have to admit that I have NO experience in performing oral sex on a man so I don’t know if it is any more difficult than doing it to a woman. Maybe I need the opinion of someone that has had the opportunity to experience both situations. I am not talking about anything extreme here, deep throat or gagging, just “normal” oral sex. I was discussing this topic once with someone and they suggested it might be a “size” thing. Maybe I was too big? I laughed. I say no more.

I am not complaining about my numb tongue or stiff neck, the results are well worse the slight discomfort. I don’t make direct comparisons and do not have any specific expectation, it isn’t a matter of “I’ll give you five for five”. I have never said anything to her regarding my stiff neck or my numb tongue, whereas she makes no “bones” about showing her displeasure with spending more than two minutes. I am just curious as to whether her complaints are justified.

What I feel is that oral sex is “work”. There is specific concentration required to achieve the desired result and the “giver” only gets enjoyment from providing pleasure to the receiver. There is no specific mutual physical stimulation as with intercourse. After time I feel that we go from the “trying to impress” stage to “the as little as I can get away with stage” when it comes to any “job” and “blow” jobs are no exception.
Sometimes I “feel” tired from having to maintain a specific position for too long, but I will never complain. The sexual tension that I get from this particular form of foreplay is second to none…I would assume that from what I have seen that women are possible not aroused in the same way by pleasuring their partner?


Is it because oral sex on a woman can be a session in itself…followed by intercourse; That being a woman can be stimulated orally to orgasm and then can have intercourse immediately afterwards. If a man is stimulated to orgasm orally, typically there will be a gap in time before intercourse is viable. So my point is, is oral sex on a man simply “foreplay” leading to intercourse while oral sex on her is a separate and distinct “session”?

3 comments on “When I said “Gimme five”….I meant it”

  1. Honest girl brain here: depends on the cock and cock owner. There are some guys that give you good feedback whilst I do my thing, doesn’t even have to be actual words but some good breathing or sounds, maybe some encouragement with his hands on my head or him moving his hips: this is really good and it is actually a turn on for me to give. I’m a giver! I’ve met cocks I just can’t let go of and it has always been attached to a lively partner. I don’t go for extreme humiliating dirty talk or spitting so – the whole know thyself and partner applies even to cock sucking. If it is that good I don’t need to fuck right afterwards and will encourage them to cum all over my tits or something – I mean if im that turned on by my partner enjoying me giving him head I am usually playing with myself as I do it…

    I have been with guys that seem they are concentrating too hard on something (maybe not cuming to soon or in my mouth?) and they look a bit confused/scared. They forget to use their words or their hands and instead are gripping onto the side of wherever they are sitting on ready for a head on collision: this does not turn me on and in fact makes me lose interest and I just want to get it over with so I usually stop. I usually end up reassuring them ‘I wasn’t going to eat you or anything’ and they always seem more perplexed by my impression of their enjoyment.
    There are guys that just seem ambivalent and I look up thinking: is this doing anything for you at all? Sure your cock is hard in my mouth but I could be blowing a statue of President Taft for all I know. Nothing seems to register at all, and this makes me feel like the whole endeavor is a waste of time. At least for me – I want to know if my partners are enjoying themselves, I certainly don’t hide it.

    I think head like most things sexual is about confidence and can be about knowing the cock your with, and I know some girls just don’t like it one bit. Just like women you guys taste/smell different at any given time depending on food, smokes, drinks… and yeah some girls treat it as though just having cock in mouth is their gift. I usually see that as someone that just doesn’t know what they are doing or doesn’t care to find out. A real shame…

    As for the pussy vs cock thing: don’t bother comparing the two, they are like apples and oranges. It is mathematical really:
    For a woman average penetration to orgasm takes 14.5 minutes
    For a man with penetration to orgasm takes 3.7 minutes
    It stands to reason you would want to prime the pump of your lovely female partner.

    I’m just teasing but It takes us a while to get warmed up is the point, some of us run hot but I assure you that a man usually will be able to come to orgasm before a woman. I know women that can only endure one orgasm, things get sensitive and painful – and you might be onto something with ‘reload’ capabilities but again that can be worked out with WORDS. What I am fascinated with is how married men report getting less head after a few years of marriage when it used to be something his wife loved to do.

    (sorry my responses are usually the length of your entry lol )

    1. I second everything in this reply! The pleasure I get from giving head is directly related to the amount of response I get from the guy. I like to hear that I’m doing a good job with moans or words, preferably both!

  2. In regards to the length of your response…I have written comments on someone’s blog before and after about ten minutes of writing…I say screw this and create my own post! That being said, I really appreciate your thoughts…that is what makes blogging fun…different perceptions, different opinions and lot of information for others to sift through.
    Thank you

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