Stand in line!


Look, I’m a good looking guy, that’s fine.

But why not just ask me out instead of playing all these silly games?

All day long, I’m running into women of all sorts who just STARE at me shamelessly, through their EPV (extra peripheral vision). You think I don’t notice, but trust me, it’s obvious.

The young waitress at Jack Astor’s?? Smiling at me, touching my shoulder and tossing her hair seductively with every refill of my diet coke?? Then I leave my customary 2% tip, and the next time I come in she’s even more obsessive, trying to play “hard to get” by avoiding my section completely.

The older lady who approached me last week at Chapter’s, who has her own business and is looking for people just like me to help her expand in the area???!??
Like I don’t know what THAT’S all about!! I bet there’s nothing she’d like more than for me to expand in her “area”!!

The receptionist at work. How about the way you say “Good morning!” when I walk through the door and then start buzzing me just moments later with a “call on one”. Do you have to buzz me every five minutes just to see if I’m still there? Don’t you think you are being a bit TOO obvious?
The well-endowed blonde bartender with the wedding ring… who calls me “Hun” every time I order another gin&tonic… YOU’RE married!! Have you no shame?

Well, I’ve resorted to posting on POF, so I can use the anonymity to help mask my amazing looks and irresistible charm. But no doubt some of my internet stalkers will find me anyways, offering to let me see them “live 24/7” showering with their sorority sisters.

If you can approach me with confidence so we don’t have to play these silly games, I’d love to hear from you.
p.s. – To the girls that keep emailing me offering me millions of dollars. I’m not attracted to Nigerian women, no matter how much money you are willing to put in my bank account. Nothing personal

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