To my Soulmate

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Although we are apart & may never have met, those of faith say that within this world of space & time, we are already together, but just can’t see it yet. So, to ease the pain of relentless time, I am writing this letter in hopes that it will somehow draw your soul to mine.

Truth be known, I have looked for you and still do everywhere. In the streets, in my dreams… in the eyes of every soul I meet. I have spent this time apart from you alone, setting goals, realizing dreams and becoming the man I have always wanted to be. I have had many journeys within my life, ones that I will share with you.

For someday I will also learn about what you have endured in your own path, while searching for me too.

There have been many who have asked me who you are and what you stand for. My response to them has always been the same, that the woman I love knows my worth and loves me more. All she asks I shall be…. so she will always know that all she needs will always begin with me!

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