What comes to mind?

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Anticipation: Looking forward
Secret: Shhhh
Sensual: Gentle touch
Emotional: Intangible attraction
Learning: Growing together
Respectful: Feelings intact
Opportunity: Take a chance
Endearing: Easy to like
Flirtatious: Making eyes
Dreaming: Something more
Understanding: Knowing the limits
Exciting: Goosebumps
Spiritual: Crossing paths
Relationship: Coming together
Discreet: Between us
Depth: Below the surface
Humble: No better than you
Personal: Sharing space
Diversion: Slight detour
Intuitive: Between the lines
Escape: A new world
Moderate: Middle ground
Considerate: You first
Trust: Proof of love
Personal: Human attributes
Whisper: Sweet nothings
Articulate: Talking aloud
Compatible: Like minded
Humorous: Laugh at the world
Romantic: The act of love
Passionate: Desire to be
Experience: Sharing stories
Conversation: Talk to me
Chemistry: Forever changed
Possibility: You never know
Different: Uniquely ours
Love: Unconditional
Erotic: Building tension
Creative: Making a difference
Thinking: Outside the box
Connection: Two into one
Intelligent: Touching your mind
Intimacy: Transcending the physical
Friendship: Knowing one another

Touching: Statement

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