Keeping a breast of the situation

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I was never a breast man.  Chickens yes…women no.
I’m not sure if it was because there was no mother/child suckling when I was a baby.  My mother told me (as an adult) that she didn’t like her breasts touched, therefore she didn’t breast feed. I could also assume that although my dad often verbally expressed his love of breasts in general he wasn’t getting a handful of mom’s on a regular basis either.

My first girlfriend was flat chested…really flat chested and that never bothered me.  My friends made some rude comments mind you about my apparent lack of desire for a girl with “real tits”.

They couldn’t quite understand why I didn’t go gaga over Nicole, the buxom girl in art class that always wore that white t-shirt with the black hand prints strategically placed over each breast.  It actually took me a while to figure out the shirt because one would have to do a walk-around to fully appreciate anything on a shirt this girl might be wearing.  She was very well-endowed…but to me she was just a show-off, a tease to the boys…all of them…but me.

Throughout my dating life I would meet more and more breasts…they typically came as part of the package, but my nonchalant attitude never changed.

I met flat-chested women that had some insecurities about their breast size, others that had obviously received a lot of attention growing up because of their “nice set” and couldn’t get over the fact that I wasn’t drooling at the chance to…well to do whatever breast men do.

Don’t get me wrong, I went through all of the motions.  The breasts were usually the first place I visited during any sort of sexual encounter.  I would cup them, tease them…and once her top and bra were off I would lick, suck…all of the things that a “normal” guy might do…but it did not excite me in the least. Rarely did I get any physical or audible response either.  It seemed to be tremendous waste of time, time better spent saying hello to Ms. Clitoris…but procedures had to be followed.

Fast-forward to adulthood and a new form of foreplay and sexual arousal had come to be the norm for me…that being communication.  Finally I had the chance to actually ask questions and get real answers.  It turned out that some of the woman I dated “thought” that all guys were into breasts so they as well would go through some sort of process when it came to sex.  In some cases, I guess when it was apparent that I wasn’t “crazy” about breasts…they admitted that they weren’t “crazy” about having their breasts grabbed, pinched, licked, sucked…or the like.

  • I have met women that thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t obsessed with their breast size, “Well every other guy I met couldn’t keep their hands of mine!”
  • I have met women who, like I, feel no sensation whatsoever via their nipples.  I have had new lovers lick mine, but there is no sensation, no arousal…and I have told them so that in the future they wouldn’t “waste time” so to speak.
  • I have met two women in my life where oral stimulation of their breast/nipples brought about an apparent arousal…that is to say I could tell they were getting physically turned on by said stimulation…beyond the hardening of the nipples.  Maybe this number might have been higher if I were more into it…had honed my breast arousal skills more?  I really don’t know.
  • I met one woman whose nipples actually inverted when stimulated.  That was odd.
  • The sight of a woman’s erect nipples arouse me…but it has to do with the thought process.  Hard nipples=aroused=horny.  I know there are countless other reasons that nipples get hard…but I think men in general like to pretend the reason is sexual.  It makes us feel good.
  • I work with a woman who has excessively large breasts and I watch her body language around customers and it is apparent that she feels that her breasts are an asset, and she will use them to get a man’s attention…and it typically seems to work.  Oddly enough she is also the woman who complains that men (that she most likely doesn’t wish to flirt with) don’t look her in the eye when she is talking.  Go figure!
  • Personally if I had a choice at all when it came to breasts, I prefer smaller ones, but in general breasts that are size proportionate to the woman’s body.

My current wife has perfect breasts (for me).  She has a B cup and when aroused, very hard nipples that are more apparent due to her breast size.  As far as being aroused…I rarely see her where her nipples are not hard…most likely the drafts in the house…but my mind processes it differently. She is also one of the women I have met that actually gets right into having her breasts fondled and her nipples licked and sucked.  She has told me that her nipples are somehow directly connected to her nether-regions and stimulation up there is transferred down there. Hmmm.  On one occasion, she actually had an orgasm from having her nipples stimulated….sure she wiggled around and used her hand a bit but I did nothing…of any significance…I really didn’t know this was possible.

My point in all of this…my mind doesn’t comprehend how some men get so excited by a woman’s breasts. Sometimes I think it could be Pavlov’s dog syndrome where both (him/her) are repeating a learned process over and over again and it could be that one or both are just assuming that the other has a specific response. As I have stated in previous posts, if I know that what I am doing stimulates my partner…I’m all for it…I’m just not into going through the motions…especially when the only reason for doing so…is that she thinks that I want to.

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