The truth hurts

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Someone I was chatting with the other day stated that so many people fudge the truth in their dating site profiles (as well as post fake pictures) and it was difficult to see the “real” person from the profile. It got me thinking about what a “real” profile might look like.
Let’s see shall we:

“My” profile:

Hi, I am a married 48-year-old average guy looking for a female friend. My hobbies are reading, hiking and skiing. I am well established, intelligent and value time spent with friends. I am attractive and keep fit with regular exercise. I am hoping to meet someone with similar aspirations so that we can share some meaningful quality time together.

The “real” profile:

Hi I am a married but cheating 48-year-old guy looking for a female friend that hopefully with time (2 days max!) I might get to sleep with. My hobbies are smoking, toking, drinking and porn (none of which I have listed in the header of my profile…I haven’t told my wife I am on here so why should I tell you about all of my vices…yet).
I am well established (as a dating site surfing married cheater), intelligent (I did get that woman last week to believe that I was in fact an airline pilot) and value time spent with friends (friends being my penis and all of the two-dimensional bimbos on the DVD “girls gone wild”).
I am attractive (to my mother and come to think of it not anyone else in recent memory) and I keep fit with regular exercise (truth is I only exercise one muscle regularly…but who’s counting).
I am hoping to meet someone who is as much of a slut as I am so that we can share 5 minutes together in the back of my car on a regular basis.

So tell me…why do people fudge their profiles?

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