More off-the-wall search terms

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I decided to share some of the offbeat search terms that people have used in order to reach this blog.  My first post on these offbeat search terms was about three weeks ago here. I was planning on doing an overview once a month but there are so many now I couldn’t wait any longer.  Without further adieu I present the latest off-the-wall search terms:

Woman with tail
Technically women don’t have tails…unless they are Mermaids.  I know that guys are always looking to get some tail from women…but they didn’t actually have one to start off with.  Or at least that is what I was led to believe.  Maybe women do have tails but every guy except me has been getting some tail and when I finally meet up with her she is tail-less.  Maybe the guy is actually searching for virgins?

Simulated Strangulation
I might assume that this guy is looking for the same thing I look for in porn…that being a visually-graphic representation of something that appeals to me.  The visual allows me to pretend I’m the high-school jock and I get to nail the head cheerleader.  This guy is probably married and she is threatening to leave him and take him to the cleaners so he wants to live vicariously through a visual representation of his fantasy.  I understand…completely.

Women interviewed about sucking cock
All I can say is I hope they didn’t talk with their mouth full.  That would be rude!

Sluts looking to marry
Is this not the same as a Playboy looking to marry?  Are sluts not typically happier than their married counterparts? The one’s I know seem to be…. I thought sluts only wanted to marry after they stopped being sluts…and then they marry a guy like me, making the rest of my life  miserable in a sexless marriage.

Is love at first sight misogynistic
Personally I think that love at first sight is romantic…although possibly unrealistic.  Misogynistic is the reaction to finding out that not one of the women that he fell in love with at first sight…had any interest in him at all…as they were always falling in love (at first sight) with his wingman…his best buddy Steve.

Sucking cock letters to men
Deh fhaunk,
iust hwannd yu t nuuw dut is inkin uf yu.

Which tongues were meant for sucking
Isn’t there a song about this?  I know it’s a trick question though….tongues don’t actually suck! Right?

Is fellatio romantic

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