Ode to the Ass

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I have to admit I am a big fan of the female derriere. When I was younger it was in fashion to wear jeans with no back pockets and that became embedded in my head as being the “standard”. I wrote a post the other day about how I couldn’t understand men’s infatuation with breasts, yet I have an infatuation with women’s butts.  Go figure!
There was an time about a decade ago when women were wearing very loose pants that didn’t flatter them whatsoever. I am happy to see that today the tight jeans, short-shorts and lulu-lemons are in fashion.

What brought me to writing this was my trip to the bank yesterday at lunch time. I passed a group of teenagers and noticed that the bulk of the girls were wearing the form-fitting black yoga pants (Thank you God!), while the guys were wearing pants that hung around mid-buttock. I know this fashion came about from the Hip-hop culture but it seems that everyone has adopted this style. Now when I was younger I never thought of girls looking at guys butts, but as I got older and was privy to more conversation among females I found this was as much of a pastime to girls as it was guys.

Which brings me to today’s guys wearing the most unflattering clothing…what do the girls look at now? Does she rate a guy on how low his pants can hang without falling off? What about the female crotch-watchers? There is no longer a bulge to make a frivolous judgement about…one could pack a German Sheppard in the front of today’s jeans and still have room for a bone (pun intended). I guess I am getting old but I don’t see the appeal in this particular fashion statement. I only hope the girls don’t trade in their yoga pants for baggy tracks in the future. Whatever would I do?

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