The Headache

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I just know that I’m going to be annoyed when I get home tonight.  Why you ask?  It all started last night and I’m sooo used to it, just can’t figure out how my wife is so oblivious.

Last night, our youngest boy, 11 was paying his Xbox at around 9:00 at night.  I reminded him to have a shower at 9:30.  A few moments later he told his mom that he had a headache, for which she gave him some Advil.

Now here is the first part I don’t understand…when he has a headache his mom insists that he not shower.  How convenient!  Anyone have any idea of why this kid has a headache every time he turns around?

Second part I don’t understand…if a kid has a headache and can’t shower…because of the sound of water hitting his head???? How can he continue to play video games for the next hour?  When I ask his mom if she thinks it wise that he continue to play…I’m thinking eye strain might be the culprit here…I’m told, “Just leave him alone”.

Fast forward to this morning and I am advised by my wife that the young one will not be going to school today as he feels ill.  No problem.

About one half hour later she calls me to say that the young one has called to state that the internet is not working.  Hmmm…Possibly because I unplugged the modem before leaving for work today…in preparation for his absence from school.  The reason?  Once again I don’t know how a sick child can possibly get up at 8 in the morning and play video games all day.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

So now, the real kicker…the reason I know that I am going to be pissed when I get home.  Every time….EVERY time that a kid stays home from school due to sickness…when I come home…they are gone.  They are outside playing…no boots…no coat…playing in the snow or the slush…with not one iota of sickness!

No sickness at all…until tomorrow.  Tomorrow he WILL be sick…so sick that his mom will feel the need to take a day off (without pay) to care for him.

This cycle has happened so many times I should be used to it…but I am not and never will be.  My only saving grace will be when he has his own kids and starts telling me how manipulative kids are…and how seemingly oblivious his wife is….

Now you REALLY have a headache don’t you kid….?

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