What I find attractive “within” a woman

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I wrote a post a few weeks ago regarding the outside qualities that I find attractive in a woman, her physical appearance.  I had a reader send me an email (here) asking what attributes I found attractive “within”.  What aspects of a woman’s personality do I find attractive?

A woman, a person that lacks intelligence will not go far with me. The attraction to the outer cover wanes, sometimes quickly and there has to be substance within to keep me interested. As well, people who lack knowledge, or they are ignorant when it comes to certain things, but are eager to learn are also far more attractive than someone who is “stupid”.

2.Humor (a sense of)
This is an interesting attribute. I would have to say that in my life I have met few “funny” women, or at least women that share a similar sense of humor with me. My humor tends to be witty and acidic and most women I know don’t go to the same extremes. What is important to me (what I find attractive) is someone who possesses the “open-mindedness” to follow and ultimately appreciate my sense of humor.

Not too much bothers me in my life or in life around me. I give credit for my ability to “keep balanced” in most cases to my being open-minded. I have a good understanding of the hows and whys of what happens around me and I don’t go out of my way to judge what I see. I live and I let live, I may not be a participant in an activity but I am aware of it. While I can possibly appreciate why someone might enjoy said activity; I rarely have any personal opinion as to why they “shouldn’t” participate in it.

I find creativity to be very attractive. I really find that people who stop trying because they tell themselves there is no solution…to be depressing. I don’t care for the negativity that some people exude. To me, creativity is positive. I like it when someone approaches a problem as being a challenge, not a dead-end.

I like people who continuously try to improve themselves. Getting or keeping physically fit is one common aspect but mentally challenging oneself is another often overlooked area. I find a person that goes out of their way to learn what they can to enact, improve or at least be more aware of a situation in their life to be very attractive. People that sit back and rest knowing that they have reached a point of saturation in intelligence and experience, come across to me as people who could be considered the living dead. No challenge = laziness = complacency.

I know that I can get myself into a lot of trouble with this one, mostly because of a difficulty in explaining what I mean. I find a woman who acts like a woman to be attractive. This is not to say that I feel she is weaker than me in any way but there is a certain celebration of the unique differences between the sexes that I admire. I will actually take the time to write a post some day as to what I mean in detail but I know this is a big attraction for me…a woman’s femininity. Without this “intangible” attribute…a woman is the same as a man in my perception. Women are equal to men, they should be treated equally but they are not men and it is the fact that they are not that I find attractive.

I like women(and men) that are independent in their thoughts and actions…not to the point where they forget they are part of a relationship or society as a whole and do everything based on their own specific desires.  Those that are always looking for approval, easily led, or can’t make decisions without another’s input are weak-minded and are very tiring.

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