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I received an email the other day from a woman that I hadn’t spoke to in a while and I suggested that she check out this blog. After a few days she wrote me and said that her opinion of me had changed after reading the posts. She stated that she didn’t realize before that I was so chauvinistic, so biased and “deranged” (that one hurt!) The “truth” is that most of what is written by me in this site is a glimpse of my “raw” thoughts at any given time.

My point is that in my original conversations with this woman, she didn’t get to see the “real” me. The truth is nobody gets to see the real me. You as a reader have the opportunity to read my “real” thoughts but in a day-to-day relationship with me as a person you would never see or hear most of what is written here. Why? Because if I said aloud what I have written here I would be very lonely (at the least) and might even suffer some physical harm. In many cases what we think is better off being left in our heads, never documented and NEVER spoken aloud in the presence of others. There is a BIG difference between thinking something and putting action behind that thought. I might sound disrespectful and socially inept but the opposite is true.

My “friend’s” new opinion of me should be expected…it is typical. Most of us don’t say what we think…we keep it inside…where it belongs. My boss is famous for saying his raw thoughts aloud and he has earned a reputation as an asshole. Me,being more of the quiet type, would never be expected as possessing any real controversy in thought (from my outwards appearance) yet this blog speaks for itself.

We all have thoughts in our heads that may not be mainstream, may not appeal to or may be distasteful to those around us if they were uttered aloud, yet the thoughts are there. I don’t care how good you are, how religious, how upstanding in your community, not all of your personal thoughts are something that you will want to freely share with the world.

You might try and think of some of my posts as being poop. That’s right!… poop. Foul and offensive and the content is typically something we would rather just keep out of sight.
We all have it in us, we all keep it private, we don’t talk about it OR write stories about it and we all want to get rid of it without much thought. This blog gives me the opportunity to say “aloud” some of the things that should NOT be said aloud. It gives me the opportunity to put my poop on display…why should I keep it all to myself? Don’t judge me as a person because of my poop.

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  1. Deranged? Wow. I think youre bang on, the freedom to write anonymously to other anonymous people is exactly what blogs are for – it’s why most of us ‘readers’ and perhaps fellow writers, come with our own can of room spray. I know I can suggest some pretty shitty things too…

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