Oh my God….I mean your God

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We tend to adhere to or at least most of us were taught to follow a “good” way of living because we wish to follow a “moral” code of ethics. This code of ethics, morality if you will has typically been dictated by the church. It has typically been the church, regardless of the faith followed, that has made the rules that must be adhered to in order to consider one ‘s self “good”. Conversely, not following the rules would lead the person to follow an immoral life and the person would be considered “bad”.

I believe that we as human beings possess both good and evil within. We have the mechanical capability through our bodies to turn either good or evil into a tangible event. That being that we have the ability to do good or do bad, there is nothing restricting either one except for choice.

I do not believe that religion has any bearing on a person’s ability to be good or bad. That being said, I don’t feel that people who consider themselves to be theists are in any way better than those that are atheists. I don’t believe that religion has any place in determining a person’s worth as in being “good” or “bad”.

Someone asked me the other day if I believe in God. My answer was, “Most likely not in the same way that you do.” They went on to ask me if I believed in Jesus. My answer was, “I can’t in the way that you do.”
To set the record straight, I don’t believe in God as an entity as most do. I believe in the existence of some “thing” far greater, bigger, stronger and more intelligent than human beings, but “IT” is not an old man in a white robe. IT is far more apt to be a collection of protons with a specific positive charge than an entity ready to blacklist me from the pearly gates should I break any of the “Golden Rules”.

To take it one step further I refuse to debate the existence or importance of “secondary” deities. How God presented himself to various groups of people whether through Jesus, Muhammad, Jehovah or any other “visible” proof is cause for more wars in history and to this day than anything else.

I find it almost unbelievable that people would fight over their belief in something that has no specific and tangible proof of its existence. If something is not proven, it is possible that it doesn’t exist at all in its perceived version. I am saying that religion tends to be based more on a series of hypotheses than facts. There is no solid evidence (in my opinion) to prove the existence of some of what is written and even if true all of the various writings “instructions” contained in the Bible or the Koran for instance were written by men.

I feel that these instruments were written by scholars in their time. The lack of any detail as to past events or realistic visions of the future make me believe that there was no “supernatural” guidance in the presentation of thoughts. Genesis was not a “pen name” for God as her wrote out the rules for living a good life. I believe that the “word of God” was in fact a set of guidelines written by man for men. I feel that the moral obligations conveyed are in fact just common sense more so than rules from a higher power.

To make the “rules” stick it was further instilled by telling the reader how displeased God would be should these rules not be followed. To me, the Bible was (is) brainwashing on a large-scale. Even if exposed to the truth, they would not reject Islam or Jesus for fear of their lives. The Koran and Bible themselves confirm this startling reality. Allah commanded Muslims «not to question the Koran», for those who did, he said, «discarded their religion».
The doctrine of both Christianity and Islam is very clear that all forms of force and persuasion may and must be used to conquer aliens. Christianity and Islam are self-proclaimed enemies of non-Christian nations and unbelievers.
Christianity and Islam have annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation might take centuries, but once Christianity and Islam are ascendant they never fail. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct.

I find it very distasteful when I hear someone talking of spreading the “Word of God”. I know what they mean but how they can claim to be knowledgeable about what that “word” is baffles me. How they can say that a person must follow a specific deity to be “saved” astounds me.

Throughout history and today there is a conversion process taking place where “savages”, those lacking specific mainstream religious upbringing, are converted into “good” people by introducing them to the ideal of following Christ. Once the person has allowed Christ into their life, they are “re-born” into the “Good”. Amazing!?

I don’t involve myself with discussions of religion. To me, getting so passionate over a belief in something that is highly intangible both amazes and concerns me. I was raised as a Christian but cannot find any reason to say that “my” faith is any better or more reasonable than any other. The truth is I have studied many religions including Wicca and Satanism and each have their valid points and well as some that I find to be rather obscure. The point is that it is not my way to question another religious point of view. It doesn’t matter to me what religion they adhere to, it matters how they treat those around them as well as themselves…separately and distinct from their religion.
As I have matured I have backed away from my faith, simply because I am not a faith-based individual. I tend to base my decisions on fact and the facts lead me to believe that Christianity is not THE answer for me. If I were to choose a religion today it would more apt to be centered around Indian philosophies, the Vedic texts, from around 1500 years before Christ. Why? They make more sense to me, simply put. Unfortunately I cannot “switch” because it is stated in the 10 commandments that: Do not have any other gods before me. How convenient!

I conduct myself in a manner that I would consider to be “good”. I help those less fortunate than me, I try to help others help themselves, and I am a giving individual and expect nothing in return. This past year my wife and I sent a substantial amount of money to her home country so that the people in her village could build a new Church. I think that having a goal in religion can be very positive for some people; I think that having faith in that following a certain path, a good path can make a person a better overall member of society. I am not against religion; I am against one group trying to push themselves on another as being the “only” way.

The religious intolerance and wars in the world are caused by people making choices, not because of any supernatural input. A man kills another because he made a choice to do so. If he then uses religion as an excuse for his actions it only says to me that he lacks self-awareness. A person that lacks self-awareness, a cog in the wheel, a sheep or lemming or just a number is to me a valid reason to believe that there must be something far greater than mere man out there.

I choose to believe that there is something greater than us, there is something more than us. The desire to think outside of the box, to allow our thoughts to venture to the beginning and end of everything take us into the unknown. The unknown can be proven or conversely dis-proven with science; all that remains a mystery can only be left up to faith. How we interpret the unknown can lead to tension between faiths.

Me, I am content just to wait until the end of the story to find out what happens.

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