Rapture & Surrender

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I believe that the powers of masculine and feminine are much stronger than society would lead us to believe. As a society, we have pushed down our true natures, thinking that if we somehow surrender to them we do not believe in equality.

A feminine woman often aches for the strong rapture of a loving, masculine man; yet feels the need to deny this soul deep desire, because it is now considered “politically incorrect”.

A masculine man longs to step into his natural masculine nature; to sweep his woman off her feet and take her, body, heart and soul. Yet fears stop him.

Can we figure out a way to have both; equality and rapture/surrender? I believe the answer is yes, but it takes two brave people who are both willing to step into and claim their true power.

I am of the opinion that the suppression of these desires that lead to the demise of “typical” relationships and lead people to sites like this one. If I read what the “married but looking” people are searching for, it sounds a lot like the primal masculine and feminine traits.

Relationships tend to cause the participants to veil their true selves for the sake of the the better good, for the sake of the relationship. Years of suppressing one’s true self eventually leads to cracks in the masquerade and the true persona seeks to be seen once more. One partner is typically unwilling and unable to see their partner as the person that they really are (were) and resists and rejects any attempt for their partner to regain their true identity.

Rather than “rock the boat” many choose to keep the status quo at home and they take their “truth” outside in the hopes of finding an equally accepting and understanding person that is trapped in the same situation that they find themselves in.

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