An open letter to Lululemons

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Dear Lulu,
I would like to thank you for your contribution to the “Revival of the Booty”, which for the remainder of this post be called simply “the Revival”.

The passion and craftsmanship involved in creating your pants and shorts has not gone unnoticed. It has allowed women to now freely flaunt the booty which they may have hidden before. It has given men (and women), who otherwise may not be “Booty” men (or women) something to smile about, and you’ve converted the non-booty believers, into the booty faithful.

In my otherwise humble opinion your contribution to the Revival should be considered for the Nobel Prize. Although there is not currently a category to address these achievements, your work is recognized and should be rewarded. You make an otherwise bad booty look good, a good booty look great and what you do to a great booty…brings a grown man to tears.

So in closing, I would like to thank everyone from concept to design, warehouse to store, and each and every salesperson on the front lines. You are doing a great job and your contribution to the Revival HAS NOT gone unnoticed.


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