Sex…and periods


Ahhh, Sunday morning – my favorite time of the week. The house is quiet; the coffee is brewing; and I’m sitting in front of my computer anticipating another one of life’s wonderful little pleasures: perusing the intimate encounter seekers on Plentyoffish. There is nothing quite as satisfying (and, dare I say, stimulating?) as scrolling through the smorgasbord of sexual delights that is offered free-of-charge via POF.

But, lately, I’ve been having a problem with periods. Yeah, periods. Now, normally ‘periods’ and ‘sex’ are not something that most people want to talk about – at least NOT in the same sentence – but I think that the time has come for us to open up, and to admit that maybe there IS a place where periods and sex can coexist. Take the following post, for example:

“lookin 4 a guy who is hott ready to have fun and get me off not just sex but mentally as well be cute or dont aply be with in my age younger is ok and will consider a suga daddy!!! have fun good luck”

This sounds great…doesn’t it? (I’m hott, cute, and would be a good suga daddy!) But what about her periods? Is she old enough to have periods? Is she missing her periods? Maybe she’s too embarrassed to include periods in her posting. This has got to stop! There is no reason why women can’t use periods in their postings when they are offering sex. It’s natural; it’s normal; people will understand; and, frankly, it just makes sense.
I enjoy my Sunday-morning trolling, but I’ll take my sex with periods (and exclamation marks!)…anytime. Period.

2 comments on “Sex…and periods”

  1. this may feel a bit premature to you, but after laughing my ass off with your posts all morning…. i just wanted you to know….i love you…

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