Mattel™ introduces the new Barbiken™


**Breaking News**
Feminist scientists have been working with Mattel™ to create a new doll that is both politically correct and feminist-approved.  Soon the original Barbie™ and Ken™ will be replaced with the more gender-neutral version, the Barbiken™.  The creators state that the new doll will portray equal parts sensitivity, strength and independence all without a hint of injection-molded breasts or pecs!  As with the original versions of the dolls the new doll has no visible sex organs…but goes a step further in that there is one doll for both sexes.  The only difficulty in making this new feminist-driven and designed doll was coming up with a name.  It was originally thought that Kenbie might be used as it sounded a bit “sissy” and more accurately portrayed the emasculation of men in general.  However after a vote it was decided that girls would be happier if the new doll’s name maintained a woman-first ring to it.

A recent survey of women on Plentyoffish revealed they are more than pleased with the new version of the doll…with 93% of them replacing their tired cliché of “If you are looking for a Barbie Doll…move on” with “If you are a Barbiken looking for a Barbiken…that’s me!”  Markus…the creator of POF has stated that the number of married men seeking married women on his site has dropped significantly while gender-neutral relationship seekers has hit an all time high.  He further stated that next week he will be replacing the previously popular “Seeking intimate encounters” with “Seeking old-fashioned gender-biased sex” to more accurately portray the new mainstream kinkiness amongst his members.

The problem I see with the feminist attitude is that it goes beyond the ideal that men and women are equal (I agree with this) and makes it sound like we are the same.  Women can do what men can do.  There are no biological or psychological differences…and any difference is viewed as sexism.

I believe it is the differences between men and women that make life interesting. It is a well published notion that woman don’t care for “girly” men, so would it not make sense that men wouldn’t care for “manly” women?  I read far too often articles about “being a sensitive man” and “strong independent women.” The basic biological uniqueness of male and female sexuality is ignored in favor of “leveling the playing field.”

Men and women are increasing frustrated and angry with the opposite sex.  Both sexes are aware of the lower “quality” of men and women today. Modern NA (North American) women are on the whole increasingly not marriage-worthy and modern NA men are incapable of being providers or protectors.

Feminism conflicts with my idea of what makes women attractive to me.  I may be old-fashioned, chauvinistic and anti-feminist…but I simply don’t care.  I am not about to argue opinion with those that consider themselves to be a champion for female rights every time I turn around.

2 comments on “Mattel™ introduces the new Barbiken™”

  1. so what does barbiken wear and drive?

    I learn more about the current (virtual included) feminist movements from this blog than I do anywhere else, thank you!

    Oh and happy Valentines day to you and yours.

  2. Barbiken wears a short micro skirt because nobody is supposed to look and drives a Corvette because she a a small (non-existant) penis.
    I wouldn’t believe anthing regarding feminist movements that you might read via this site…I have it on good authority that the blog owner is a bit biased. ~smile~

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