How the world is sexist towards men

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10 Ways The World is  Sexist Against Men and Boys (according to Google)

1. BOYS ARE PIGS…..yes if you type in “boys are” you discover that “boys are pigs”. Girls on the other have are, well, “girls are like apples” obviously!!!

2. ALL MEN….this is quite unpleasant because according to Google the world thinks “all men are rapists”, “all men cheat” and “all men must die”. Sounds like a pretty disgusting “sexist against men” world we live in.

3. ALL MEN SHOULD…..this is interesting, because while the UN Women campaign highlights  Google searches that suggest women should “stay at home”, “be in the kitchen” and “not speak in church” it fails to highlight the google searches that state “all men should be castrated”, “all men should be killed” and “all men should die”. So much for championing gender equality world wide!

4. MY BOYFRIEND……according to Google, boyfriends are “boring”, “selfish” and “ugly”…….by comparison when you search on “my girlfriend” you get “my girlfiend is president”…….so who’s more in need of empowerment there???

5. WHY DO MEN/WOMEN………this is one of the searches where you get some gender equality from Google with the responses “why do men cheat” and “why do women cheat”……and you also get “why do women wear high heels, thongs and bras” and “why do men rape”, “why do men lie” and “why do men have affairs”.  Which is more negative do you think…. “why do men rape” or “why do women wear bras”?

6. MEN/WOMEN ARE TO BLAME FOR……this is fascinating because both men are women are “to blame for everything” according to Google, but then women are also to blame for earthquakes and divorce, whereas men are to blame for the menopause (typical men!) and global warming (stop oppressing the planet dude!).

7. MEN/WOMEN ARE BETTER……Google hedges its bets with this one giving us both “women are better than men” and “men are better than women”. Men are also “better drivers”, but then women are “better drivers” too and in addition to that women are “better at multi-tasking” and “better parents”.

8. MEN/WOMEN DESERVE…….throws up some nastiness in both directions and demonstrates that the world in an unpleasant and sexist place for both women AND men to live in at times—and that bodies like UN Women are simply being sexist when they only highlight one side of the problem. According to  Google  “women deserve rape” and “women deserve to be abused” and at the same time “men deserve to be cheated on” and “men deserve to die”.

9. KEEPING MEN SAFE…..this is one of the most revealing searches. Keeping Men and Boys Safe is the global theme of this year’s International Men’s Day (19th November) and what happens when you type the words “keeping men safe” into Google is that that the word “men” disappears and is replaced by the word “women”. Just like the United Nations, it seems, Google thinks only women are worthy of safety and protection.

10. ONLY MEN CAN………guess what, according to Google, “only men can be sexist”. Well we beg to differ, it seems to us that women are doing a very good of showing the world just how sexist against men and boys women are.

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