Daddy…what does mommy taste like?

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I have had a number of women ask me if I actually like performing oral sex; in that is there a physical stimulus provided to the man through the action.  The answer is no.  There is no specific physical response directly, however the thought of what I am doing, the scent and the response of the recipient combine to make it highly arousing and provides an indirect physical response.  It would be virtually impossible for me to do this without becoming physically aroused.

Males describe vaginal secretions:

•”Like the ocean.”
•”Have you ever put your tongue on the end of a battery? Like an alkaline battery.”
•”Like electricity, when you put a pop top from a soda can between your braces.”
•”Like semen (salty), but better. Zesty.”
•”Tastes like glass.”
•”Whipped bananas and ginger ale.”
•”Similar to licking a non-bleeding wound. Sort of a salty, musty, yet sweet taste. It varies.”
•”Honestly I don’t remember the taste. The smell was all I could think about.”
•”A little fishy in taste, but that could be related to the smell.”
•”Depending on the woman and the time of the month, there can be a slight non-salty blood taste or a tangy battery taste.”
“While performing oral sex on a college girlfriend, a few drops of a tepid, vaginal secretion were produced during her orgasm. When I tasted this fluid, I had the unusual sensation of eating a taco. That’s right! It was salty and tasted just like the combined flavors of fried hamburger meat, cheese, corn shell, and El Paso taco sauce! I’ll always have some very fond memories whenever I eat Mexican.”
•”Vaginal fluids are tangy, and syrupy, at least the ones I’ve come across. (!) If I haven’t tasted and she hasn’t BEEN tasted in a while, the fluids are especially tangy, but they always have a wonderful sweet smell. Kind of paradoxical, tangy-tasting and sweet-smelling, but that’s part of why it’s so much fun.”
•”It’s not so much a taste, it’s a smell. Kind of like a musty armpit but not really as offensive. Actually it might taste like a musty armpit too, I’ll have to check it and get back to you.”
•”A mixture of citrus and MSG.”
•”Soy sauce, the light Kikkoman.”
•”It didn’t have much flavor, but the sensation inside the mouth was what I remember most. It was a very warm, comforting feeling.”
•”Kind of sweet and sweaty.”
•”Sweet, not like anything I’ve ever tasted.”
•”Around the clitoris, it tastes like sweet tarts. In the vaginal canal, it tastes kind of like an artichoke tuna salad.”
•“An old attic”

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