For that price the earth had better move…out of orbit.

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I had the opportunity to go downtown (Toronto) last weekend.  I usually make my way down this time of year.  I actually like the hustle and bustle of the city, especially this time of year.

I got off of the subway at Wellington and made my way to Northbound, may favorite leather store on the west side of Yonge. They have fantastic outfits in the front of the store but the back room(s) are strictly restricted to those of legal age.  There is a wide selection of S& M, bondage and fetish wear as well as a unique selection of sex toys.  I say “toys” tongue-in-cheek, these are expensive, hardcore “devices” designed to give the user the ultimate “high” within the parameters of their chosen fetish.

One particular item that grabbed my attention was the “Sybian”.  The Sybian is like a vibrator on a large base but with a unique design. The woman sits on the Sybian which sits on the floor. It has two separate movements. A Vaginal Insert rotates within the vagina with speed adjustable from very slow to very fast and the entire area which contacts the vulva vibrates as well. Separate controls allow independent regulation of vibration and rotation over a wide range of speeds. The Sybian provides simultaneous, intense stimulation of both the clitoris and the G- spot at the same time.

I have always been one to readily bring toys into the bedroom.  I think they can be a welcome addition to a couple’s sex life, whether they are “needed” or not.  I would say that my biggest turn on of all is watching a woman orgasm so anything that can help her get off and me at the same time is a good thing.  My wife wasn’t with me this particular time so I was unable to get her opinion on the device.  For those of you that would like to give your partner the ultimate in genital stimulation and have money to burn ($3000 CAD) be sure to check it out. As for my wife, she isn’t getting a Sybian this year…unless Santa brings it!

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