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Acomoclitic – A preference for hairless genitals.
Acousticophilia – Arousal from (certain) sounds.
Acrophilia – Being sexual aroused by heights.
Acrotomophilia – Arousal by the activity/thought of having sex with an amputee.
Actirasty – Arousal from exposure to the suns rays.
Acucullophallia – Circumcision.
Adolescentilism – Playing the role of an adolescent.
Agalmatophilia – A fetish for statues/mannequins.
Agonophilia – Pseudo-rape, pretend struggle or wrestling play as a form of foreplay.
Agoraphilia – Arousal from having sex in public places.
Agrexophilia – Excitement from knowing that others are aware of a persons sexual activities.
Aischrolgia – The expression of obscenities.
Albutophilia – Arousal from water.
Algolagnia – Both Masochism and Sadism.
Algophilia – Enjoyment or arousal from pain.
Allopellia – Orgasm from watching others have sex.
Allorgasmia – The need to fantasise about a more desirable partner in order to orgasm.
Altocalciphilia – High heel fetish.
Alvinolagnia – Stomach fetish.
Amaurophilia – Excitement from having a partner who is unable to see them during sex.
Ambisextrous – Attractive to both sexes.
Amelotasis – Attraction to someone who has lost a limb.
Amomaxia – Sex in a parked car.
Amychesis – The act of scratching a partner during sex.
Anaclitism – Sexual enjoyment arising from activities, or being exposed to objects, normally associated with childhood (e.g. toilet training, breast sucking, playing with dolls).
Anasteemaphilia – Being attracted to someone due to a difference in height.
Anolinctus – The act of licking the anus of another.
Anolingus – The act of inserting the tongue into the anus of another (as opposed to just licking it).
Anthropophagolagnia – Rape with cannibalism (usually after the rape).
Anthropophagy – Cannibalism for sexual purposes.
Apotemnophilia – Arousal from the idea of losing a limb (either through accident or surgical procedure).
Arachnephilia – Arousal from play with spiders.
Asphyxiaphilia – Sexual arousal, or enhancement, from lack of oxygen.
Autagonistophilia – Arousal from being on stage, being in front of a camera or in the public eye.
Autoassassinophilia – “Stage managing the possibility of one’s own masochistic death by murder”. Coined by John Money.
Autogynephilia – Sexual excitement from cross dressing.
Automasochism – The act of inflicting pain or injuries on oneself as a way of causing sexual stimulation.
Automysophilia – Arousal from being dirty or defiled.
Autophagy – The ingesting of one’s own flesh (usually for sexual reasons).
Axillism – Using the armpit for sex (as a substitute vagina).
Belonephilia – Arousal from using of needles.
Bestialsadism – Arousal from performing cruel acts to animals.
Biastophilia – Only being aroused when sexually assaulting an unwilling victim.
Biiest – A female who has a fetish for female feet.
Blastolagnia – A person aroused by young females.
Botulinonia – Using a sausage as a dildo.
Capnolagnia – Arousal from watching others smoke.
Catheterophilia – Arousal from the use of catheters.
Chezolagnia – Masturbating whilst defecating.
Choreophilia – Sexual arousal from dancing.
Chrematistophilia – Arousal from either paying for sex or from being robbed.
Claustrophilia – Sexual arousal from being confined in small spaces e.g. cages, coffins or straight jackets.
Clitoridectomy – Surgical removal of the clitoris in females (obviously).
Coitobalnism – Sexual activities whilst in the bath.
Coitus A Cheval – Sex on a horse.
Coitus A Unda – Sex in water.
Coitus Interfermoris – Penetration between the thighs. Sometimes used as a form of birth control.
Colobosis – Mutilation of the penis.
Coprography – “To write with faeces”. To write obscene graffiti, poems or stories. Arousal from obscene words.
Coprophagy – The act of eating faeces. Quite a popular activity up until the 1700s.
Coprophilia – Refers to someone that is sexually aroused by faeces.
Corephallism – Having anal sex with a young girl.
Dacnolagnomania – A lust murder.
Dacryphilia – Refers to someone that is aroused by seeing tears in the eyes of their partner.
Dasyproctic – With hairy buttocks.
Defecolagbia – Arousal from defecating.
Dippoldism – Sexual arousal from beating/chastising children.
Dogging – The watching of couples having sex in parked cars.
Doleros – Arousal from pain.
Doraphilia – Love of fur or skin (usually leather).
Dysmorphophilia – Sexual arousal from deformities in others.
Ecorchement – Flagellation.
Ecouteurism – Unintentional arousal from sounds.
Electrophilia – Arousal from electrical stimulus.
Emetophilia – Arousal from vomit or vomiting.
Endytophilia – Refers to preferring a sex partner to be clothed rather than naked during sex.
Entomophilia – The use of insects for sexual stimulation.
Epispadias – The condition whereby the urethra opens up on the upper surface of the penis instead of extending through the centre to the tip of the penis.
Erotographomania – Strong desire to write love letters or poetry.
Flatuphilia – Arousal from others passing gas.
Formicophilia – Sex play with ants/insects.
Gerontophilia – Arousal from people who are significantly older.
Gomphipothic – Arousal from the sight of teeth.
Gynelophilous – Arousal from the sight/touch of pubic hair.
Gynemimetophilia – Someone is aroused by a male who is impersonating a female.
Harmatophilia – Arousal from mistake or from breaking rules.
Harpaxophilia – sexual arousal from being robbed.
Hebephilia – Attraction to teenagers.
Hodophilia – Sexual arousal from travelling to new or strange places.
Homilophilia – Arousal from giving or receiving a sermon or speech.
Hygrophilia – Arousal from contact with body secretions (tears, salvia etc.)
Hyphephilia – Sexual arousal from touching (certain) fabrics.
Jactitation – Excitement or arousal from bragging about their own sexual exploits.
Iantronudia – The arousal that some people have when they expose themselves to doctors.
Idrophrodisia – Arousal from perspiration.
Inspectionism – Voyeurism.
Irrumation – Fellatio.
Kleptolagnia – Arousal from stealing.
Klismaphilia – Arousal from having an enema.
Knismolagnia – Arousal from tickling.
Lactaphilia – Arousal from lactating breasts.
Lagnonector – A person that kills in order to have sex with the corpse.
Leptosadism – Mild sadism.
Lygerastia – Being aroused only when in darkness.
Maieusiophilia – Arousal from the sight or presence of pregnant females.
Mastix – A female sadist.
Mastofact – Breast fetish.
Mazoperosis – Mutilation of the breasts.
Meable – Easily penetrated.
Melcryptovestimentaphilia – Attraction to women’s black underwear.
Melolagnia – Arousal from music.
Meretricium – A tax on prostitution.
Menophilist – Arousal from menstruating women.
Merinthophilia – Arousal from being bound.
Miscegenation – Sex or marriage between people of different races.
Mixoscopy – The secret observation of a sex act.
Moriaphilia – Arousal from telling sex related jokes.
Mucophagy – The consuming of nasal mucus.
Munchausen’s syndrome – Arousal from opening a wound.
Mysophilia – The arousal from handling soiled underwear or foul odors.
Nanophilia – Attraction to short people.
Naphephilia – Arousal from touching or being touched.
Narratophilia – Arousal from telling sex related stories, poems, jokes etc.
Nasophilia – Arousal from kissing, sucking, touching or looking at another’s nose.
Necrochlesis – The act of having sex with a corpse.
Necrophilia – Attraction to, or arousal from, corpses.
Necrosadism – Mutilation of corpses for sexual purposes.
Nepiophilia – Adults attraction to an infant of the opposite sex.
Nosolagnia – Arousal from knowing that ones partner has a terminal illness.
Nymphophilia – The love of a female adolescent by an adult.
Nymphotomy – The surgical procedure whereby the inner labia is cut away.
Ochlophilia – Refers to those own find the presence of crowds to bring sexual pleasure.
Oculophilia – Eyeball fetish.
Oculolinctus – The act of licking a persons eyeball for sexual arousal/fulfilment.
Ochlophilia – Arousal from biting.
Odontophilia – Arousal from teeth.
Ondinisme – Arousal from urine.
Ozolagnia – Arousal from odors.
Pageism – Male submitting to a female.
Paizogony – Petting.
Pathicant – A minor who engages in anal sex with an adult.
Paraphilia – Arousal from acts that are generally considered unacceptable by the fetishist (themselves) or society.
Pecattiphilia – Sexual excitement from stealing or sinning.
Pediophilia – Attraction to dolls.
Penotherapy – Regulation of prostitutes as a form of disease control.
Paedophilia – Adult sexual attraction to children.
Phallophilia – Arousal from an erect penis of exceptional dimensions (length or girth).
Philemanmania – Compulsion to kiss.
Philematology – The art of kissing.
Phlebotomy – Blood letting. Often practiced for sexual purposes by Vampyres.
Phobophilia – Arousal from fear.
Phygephilia – Arousal from flight (as in run away).
Podophilia – Foot fetish.
Polyiterophilia – The need for several sex partners before orgasm can occur.
Psychrocism – Arousal from cold, or, arousal from seeking another that is cold.
Psychrotentiginous – Arousal from cold water.
Pygmalionism – Attraction to manikins.
Pygophilia – Arousal from touching, playing with or seeing another’s buttocks.
Pyrolagnia – Sexual arousal form watching fire.
Pyrophilia – Sexual arousal from fire.
Raptophilia – Arousal from raping a victim.
Rhabdophilia – Arousal from being flogged, beaten or caned.
Sacofricosis – The practice of cutting a hole in the pockets of trousers so that a person can masturbate (usually in public).
Satyriasis – Male equivalent of nymphomania.
Scopophilia – Arousal from looking at people or events.
Shunammitism – Contact (does not have to be physical) with young girls by old men to encourage or restore sexual vigor.
Siderodromophilia – Sexual excitement from either viewing or riding upon trains.
Sitophilia – The use of food for sexual purposes.
Sthenolagnia – Arousal from a display of strength and/or the sight or muscles.
Stigmatophilia – Finding body modifications arousing (tattoos, piercings, scarification etc.)
Symphorophilia – Sexual arousal from causing many casualties (train crash, burning hospitals, explosions).
Tantalolagnia – Arousal from teasing.
Taphephilia – Arousal from being buried alive.
Thalpotentiginy – Arousal from heat.
Timophilia – Arousal from power or wealth.
Tragolimia – Desire for sex regardless of attraction to partner.
Trichophilia – Hair Fetish.
Tripsolagnia – Arousal from having one’s hair shampooed by another.
Tripsolagnophilia – Arousal from massage.
Urophilia – Sexual arousal from contact with urine.
Urtication – The use of stinging plants to stimulate the skin.
Vampirism – The drinking of blood/fetishism for blood.
Vicarphilia – Arousal from another person sexual experience/s.
Vincilagnia – Arousal from bondage.
Xenophilia – Sexual arousal from strangers.
Zelophilia – Arousal from jealousy.
Zoophilia – Sex between humans and (other) animals.
Zwischenstufe – Arousal from person/s of the same sex.


Anophelorastia: arousal from defiling or ravaging a partner
Antholagnia: arousal from smelling flowers
Asthenolagnia: arousal from weakness or being humiliated
Basoexia: arousal from kissing
Coprophilia: arousal from playing with feces, also called scat
Cratolagnia: arousal from strength of partner
Cynophilia: arousal from sex with dogs
Dendrophilia: arousal from tree or fertility worship of them
Maschalophilous: arousal from armpits
Omolagnia: arousal from nudity
Ophidiophilia: arousal from snakes
Retifism: shoe fetish
Robotism: attraction to or the use of robots in sex play
Sarmassophilia: arousal from kneading flesh
Scopophilia: arousal from looking at people or events
Somnophilia: fondling a stranger in their sleep
Spectrophilia: either coitus with spirits or arousal from images in mirrors
Strabismus: arousal from eyes of partner
Teledildonics: arousal from computer sex games
Telephonicophilia: arousal from using phone calls for sexual conversations
Thlipsosis: arousal from pinching others
Titillagnia: arousal from tickling
Troilism: arousal by being third party in sex scene

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