Friends first….Not again!

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So you are looking for a friend are you?  Not going to happen again!

Maybe you don’t remember me but I thought you were the cutest girl in class!  I was a bit young to understand love but I am sure that I was “in love.”
What did I do to show you just how much I loved you?  I became your friend. And that was my mistake.  We talked on the phone for hours. We would hang out together. You would have me over to your house.  We were inseparable.

I remember the time you invited me over to go in the hot tub in your back yard.  We emerged steaming and then lied together wetly on towels draped over your bed. At this moment I was acutely aware of the peach-like cleft at the tight spot where your bathing suit wrapped between your legs. So tight and yet there was a separation and this separation was an invitation: Come on in! But I did not.

I did not because I was a coward and a fool, but in fairness, the mistake was made some time ago. I went into the wrong room. The room had a label on the door that read “Friend.” In this room, I was separated by only a wall from another room called “Screwing, sucking, groaning, owning,” and some other stuff. But I could no more walk through this wall than you can walk on water. I could just hear the noises. You actually would call me to tell me all that went on in that room…so close and yet so far…total torture.

So here we are 30 years later and you state that you are looking for a friend again!  It would also seem that finding said friend is difficult (based on what I have read in the profiles).

Could it be that the guys that were “friends” so many years ago learned that being (just) a friend to a female sucks?  Could it be that the guys that were friends have had enough of your pseudo-cuckolding and don’t really want to hear about your sexual exploits with guys that treat you like shit?

Could it be that you still don’t value true friendship and are simply looking for another sounding board that will listen to you every time the Prince you thought you found screws you over?

I have been “friends” more often than a “lover” with many women that I had an attraction to.  I felt that listening, having empathy and actually feeling for her was closer to “love” and a better basis for a relationship than “fuck and ask questions later”

Seems I was wrong. Looking for a friend are you? Not me Lady…not this time.

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