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I just took a moment to check a few women’s profiles on a dating site and as is typical, roughly half make reference to nude pictures.  Most of the time it a request of the men not to send nude pictures of themselves, while some are stating up front that they will not send nude pictures of themselves.

I wonder if men should add to the appeal of their profiles by inserting a line like “I will not send dick-pics” or “No need to send nudes, have access to free porn online”

The one that got me going today was a woman’s profile where her entire profile was devoted to calling men pigs and sick because they ALL were asking her for nude pictures of herself.  Although she did not have a picture up, she was 53 and stated that she was a BBW.

Different strokes for different folks I know but I would find it hard to believe that every man that contacts her is asking for nude pictures unless through conversation she is leading them to this…

Personally I believe that few guys send nude pictures of themselves to random strangers.  I think it is more apt to be the woman writing the profile thinking “yeah, I had better put this in my profile…everyone else does”

It could also be that the woman is trying to make herself seem more desirable that she really is….and writing that she won’t accept or send pictures could be a reverse-psychology thing.  Men read her profile and think, “Wow this woman must be something special…everyone is sending her nude pictures.”

Reminds me a saying I read once that the women that are so against abortion are so ugly they would never get laid in the first place.  Also saw a picture of a guy that was standing up for MGTOW (Men going their own way)…a men’s movement where men swear off typical male-female relationships and just do their own thing.  The guy looked like one of the stereotypical losers from the Porky’s movies and would have a hard time getting laid anyways.

Easy to swear off of what you don’t have.  “I refuse to drive a Lambo!”

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