The secret to a happy life…

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My wife spends most of her time during our drive into work looking at Facebook.  Specifically she seems enthralled by all of the postings of “sayings”.  You know the positive living quotes where someone comes up with something fantastic about how we should live our life.

This morning she read to me something to the effect of the secret to a long life is:

“Eat half as much…walk twice as much…laugh three times as much”

While I have no problem with positive statements it is the fact that everyone that reads them seems to then “share” the same saying with everyone they know and NOBODY follows any of whet they have read.

My wife reads these things and is very excited; “You know, what they say here is right”  Right…yes but again if the saying has no greater impression that to make the reader share it with 100 other people that think that “You know, what they say here is right”  it seems to me like a complete waste of time posting and sharing these sayings.

While I do believe that the person that originally made up the saying has had some experiences in life that led them to write such words…for those that read it afterwards…they are simply reading it and not absorbing it.

I believe (unfortunately) that many people…like my wife actually believe that the more of these positive “sayings” that they read…the better it will make their life.  The reality is that words without action have little meaning at all.

“He died so young!  That’s terrible…what happened?”

“He didn’t read the positive message on Facebook every day”

“Oh, it’s his own fault then!”

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