Things people say…

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“Do not wish to converse with anyone who is in a committed relationship”

This from a married woman on a dating site.  What this means is she wants a man that has no commitments so that he can spend his time and money exclusively on her.  Why would he do that?

“I’m here to find a friend first”

Pretty typical statement that I read in 95% of the ads from married women on dating sites.  It seems so obvious that it should not have to be written.  When the woman writing the ad also supplies a picture of herself lying draped across a sofa in lingerie…maybe she does have to state the obvious.

“My kids are my life…My kids mean everything to me”

Seems like a weird thing for a woman seeking an affair to state.  The great thing is that if she lives in North America..after she finds the new love of her life on POF she can leave the hubby and he can still pay for her and the kids!

“I’m looking for a real relationship”

Again, from a married woman.  Is the relationship that she is in not the real one?  How can someone go on a dating website looking for an extramarital connection while stating she is looking for real.  Ridiculous!

“Searching for my Prince amongst the toads”

Not sure what to say about this one.  Again an attached woman on a dating site looking for her Prince.  I assume that the toad she refers to include her husband who is also likely on this site.  His profile says something to the effect of looking for his Princess amongst…ah no forget it..he already knows there are no such thing as Princesses.

“If you would like to know more send a message”

One of my favorite types of profile.  Nothing there.  What should I write?  “Hi…I just wanted to know….um.  can you?  Did you? Will you?  Hey baby wanna $%#@?You wonder why guys don’t waste their time writing a proper introduction in response to your stupid profile?

“Will fill out later”

See above

“I like to go for walk out for diner”

I cannot help myself.  I have some sort of spelling OCD.  If I see a spelling mistake I feel the need to point it out, not to be a prick, just to help out.  For all I know the writer is an English teacher and she just misspelled a word. Personally I am happy if someone points out a spelling error to me.  I wrote the writer of this profile…she responded that “she can write however she wants too.” Nothing more to say here.

“Not into drama at all, so if you have it in your life, please, move on, because I won’t deal with it.”

Now that is honesty!  A married woman who doesn’t want drama looking for an affair on POF.  I guess she already has enough drama of her own?  I don’t know of many married men without drama in their lives so I wish her luck.

“I had a Rottweiler, who has passed and miss him very much”

Step right up boys…you are not a replacement for her hubby…rather her dog! Let’s hope she is missing friendship and not just sex.

“Not looking to change my current situation or yours.”

Probably the most clichéd line I have read on these sites.  My response…”Your situation changed the moment you signed up on the site”  Really!”

“Hi, I’m looking for someone with a well established career and solid financial status”


“I own my own business”

Again another seemingly random and unnecessary statement.  Maybe a guy could use it in his profile to attract the woman looking for someone with a well established career and solid financial status or maybe she is stating this so that men wont think she is the same as the other gold-diggers.

“I sometimes find myself really lonely and I’m looking for someone to talk to.”

Wrote to her a few times…no response at all. Can’t be too lonely

“I’m a chill gal looking for an effortless connection”

An effortless connection? Effortless?  I am speechless…She must be great in bed!

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