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The following seven discriminatory practices are prohibited by the Canadian Human Rights Act when they are based on one or more of the 11 grounds of discrimination:

  • Denying someone goods, services, facilities or accommodation.
  • Providing someone goods, services, facilities or accommodation in a way that treats them adversely and differently.
  • Refusing to employ or continue to employ someone, or treating them unfairly in the workplace.
  • Following policies or practices that deprive people of employment opportunities.
  • Paying men and women differently when they are doing work of the same value.
  • Retaliating against a person who has filed a complaint with the Commission or against someone who has filed a complaint for them.
  • Harassing someone.

So if these practices are considered discriminatory in Canada how can certain companies treat people differently because of their sex? POF has a feature where you can upload photos of yourself and then have the ability to have them show on their profile or hidden (private messages).  The idea is that not everyone wants their mug up for the world to see and if you find the right connection you may wish to share your private images with that person.

As it turns out, men on POF can have private images but cannot send them because “men have been sending nude photos of themselves”.  How can a site discriminate against men because of what they might do.  I personally have never sent a nude picture to anyone yet have received (without request) nude pictures from women.

My point is if POF wants to ban private images, they should ban them from everyone rather than limit one gender’s ability to use all of the functionality of the site.  It is against the law Markus!

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