She kissed a girl and she liked it!

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My first wife was anti-porn.  My second wife could care less.  My third wife likes porn.  Third time’s a charm!

What really piqued my interest was what my wife likes to watch in porn.  Lesbian sex!  The first time we went to an adult store, she picked up a few DVDs.  When we got home I looked at them and they were all girl-girl movies…oh yes and one guy-guy movie.

I’m impressed…and excited…could it be that my wife is a closet lesbian?  In my mind flashed scenes of me watching my wife with another woman and then the three of us….oh yeah!

Turns out that watching lesbian porn is the number one pick for women…even if they are straight.

In a scientific experiment women were asked what turns them on and at the same time had their physical responses (vaginal lubrication, expansion and blood flow) monitored.

Women stated that they were aroused by the straight sex scenarios but their physical reaction was unexpectedly different.  It turns out that all of the scenarios presented to the women…straight sex…lesbian sex…even sex between monkeys caused a physical response.

The same experiment was repeated with straight and gay men and found completely different results: their minds and bodies matched.

The straight men said they were turned on by women masturbating alone, women with men and women with women and their physical responses were consistent with that.

Gay men said they were turned on by men alone, men with men and (had a slight interest in) men with women and their genital readings agreed.

For all men, watching the chimp sex encounters got the same response as when they looked at a picture of a landscape: zero.

It turns out that women are more erotically plastic than men and can be turned on by a wider variety of things.

So as it turns out my wife is not lesbian or bi, just turned on by watching girl on girl porn…and you know what?  I’m ok with that…really!

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