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A co-worker called me to her office yesterday to show me a picture of a woman that had sent her photo to my co-worker.  She asked my opinion of the woman’s body (she was bikini-clad on the beach).  I said that she looked good to which my co-worker replied that she was a bit chubby…for her. Huh? For her….?

So I asked her…do you like women? And her answer was “I’m fluid”

Interesting and refreshing that younger people (my co-worker is 28) seem to be far more open and accepting that they were when I was younger. When I was young there was a seemingly endless number of things that one could do, even accidentally, that would mean that you were gay (even if you were not).  You would definitely not openly admit anything that was not on the “straight and narrow”.

I also remember being super jealous when I was younger.  I got really upset if I thought my girlfriend thought another guy was cute.  It really bothered me when my live-in girlfriend pointed out a guy on TV that she would like to have sex with.  I felt that the reason we were in a relationship was we had decided that we were the only “one” for the other so even the thought of anything outside of that was wrong.

Now that I am older, and more experienced in life I am surprised as to just how much I have come out of my shell…at least within my mind.

Fantasies or role-playing involving my current wife with other man are commonplace….I promote it.  Her interest in lesbian porn also makes for an interesting fantasy that she might be a closet bi-sexual.  However when I asked her once if she had considered being with a woman she said no abruptly and followed by asking if I would consider being with a man.  My response was no as well but…this post may tell a different story.

The reason that I said no to my wife was it was the best answer I could give her.  She is not quite as open-minded as I am and somewhat homophobic, so small bits of information can sometimes be extrapolated into something non-existent.

As I stated, experience had given me the ability to look within for answers as to how I really feel about a given scenario, rather than providing a practiced response and then blocking any further thought from my head.

So here we go:

I am not gay.  I have no interest in men.  I don’t look at men to admire or judge their physical appearance.  Watching male porn really turns me off…just like a switch.  I have no hidden emotional responses to men.  I am not gay.

Now as far as bi-sexual, I would say the same.  I have no romantic or sexual attraction towards men.  My wife told me that although she has no sexual attraction to women, she appreciates looking at their bodies because they look better than men. Agreed.

So to take this a step further and back to my wife’s question as to whether I would consider being with a man.  Would I do something sexual with a man?  In a word and if I could remove any stigma associated with the act…yes.

From a purely physical perspective either giving or receiving anal sex should be pleasurable.  Receiving oral sex should be pleasurable providing I was blindfolded or he was done up like a she.  As far as giving oral sex to a guy…or kissing him…I just could not see myself doing that.

So what I have stated here are things that I feel would be physically appealing.  What would be lacking is the psychological part of the sexual encounter.  Sex with a female is full of fantasy and a really big thought process for me…it is not just the physical act.  With a man it would be.

I have read a lot about prostate stimulation and massage (as part of my research into how to have better orgasms) and it sounds pretty good.  I would assume that a man’s penis might create some stimulation of the prostate which is why I think this would be a pleasurable experience.

I have never had the ability or opportunity to ejaculate into a woman’s mouth….in my whole life.  Based on the physical intensity that I feel from fellatio I think this would be the best (physical) orgasm I could have.  Quite a few years ago I was offered a blowjob from a woman (with a deep voice).
Although she/he was very attractive I knew she was a he and respectfully declined.  It has crossed my mind from time to time that maybe I should have taken up the opportunity as it may have been the chance of a lifetime.  Again as long as he looks like a she my mind would probably be able to warp reality…at least for a few minutes!

As far as being the one doing the anal penetration of another…I feel this would be no different than doing the same with a woman…again with the psychological process absent.

While I have no intention of going out and finding a man to experiment with (I have a whole bucket list of things that I want to do with a woman/women first) at least I have been able to be honest about my thoughts about men and sex.




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