Asking for too much…

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An attached man joins a dating site and makes his profile.  In it he states that he is looking for friendship…when in reality he is looking for sex.  He doesn’t need friendship but will go along with the game providing it leads to sex.  Most guys are fairly impatient and will show their cards too early, which is why I have heard from so many women that the “guy seems nice in the beginning…”

A woman joins a dating site stating she is looking for a friend, or for chat or for someone to talk to.  Since I typically respond to these women I am familiar with the outcome.  I am intelligent, have a sense of humor and can write fairly well.  Typically within a short period of conversation I will have the woman’s attention and then it happens.  (I know this from experience and from actually asking some of the women “what happened”)

What happens is she starts getting attracted (mentally) to the person she is talking to…me.  I remind her that my purpose for being on the site is for the same reasons that she stated in her profile.  That being to find a friend for conversation.  That is the end of our conversations.

So as it turns out, these women are not looking for friendship at all, that is just what they write in their profiles…and most men don’t care because they don’t read the profiles anyways.

Although I find it a bit confusing, it seems that these woman are actually looking for a complete relationship on the side; complete meaning everything one would expect in a relationship, infatuation, empathy, communication, understanding, commitment, chemistry, a mental connection, love? and finally…wait for it…sex.  Everything!  But all on the side of course.

So while I used to be empathetic to the woman that were sharing their story with me as to how the last guy they met was misleading…that all he really wanted was sex…now I silently laugh.

This is another example of women creating a fantasy scenario (one where a man on the side should act like a boyfriend and fulfill all of her needs) while she continues to enjoy the financial security of her first relationship (if there are other reasons I would be happy to hear them)

The man on the other hand that is on here is (typically) only looking for sex because that is all he is missing at home.  While he will go through the motions of dating a married woman to get to this point (even playing at love) there is NO reason for him to become emotionally attached to woman that is unavailable.

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