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Every once in a  while I have used a dating site, Plenty of Fish to post some of my beta humor to see what kind of feedback I receive.

The last time I did this I found something interesting.

When you sign up the site gives you a choice for your relationship status.  If you choose “married” it will still make you go through the entire process just to give you a page at the end that reads:

“POF does not allow married people to sign up”

What a waste of time!

So the next step is to sign up again but choose “living together” as a status.  No problem, it worked!  So what happens if you are living together, the site’s algorithm only allows you to see others that have the same status.  Surprisingly, it is very difficult to even get a response from any of the users in this category.

Yesterday I tried something different.  There is another status “not single/not looking” so I chose that.  Within a 10 hour period, my profile had been seen by over 40 women, 23 contacted me with some sort of comment about my profile and 3 continued to converse throughout the day.  Unfortunately I also had two of the women start to chastise me for my “ridiculous” profile and the fact I had stated I was married in the body of the profile.

Near the end of the day, one of the women asked if I would share the link for my blog which I did.  Thirty seconds later, my profile was gone!  No warning, no email…just gone.

The point is that even though I am married, I had more engagement from the single women than the married ones.


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