Conflict is poison

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When there’s tension or disagreement in my close relationships, I feel it deeply. As a result, I am conflict-avoidant, doing or saying almost anything to keep the other person happy. It’s because conflict hurts so much.

Fighting with a loved one is the worst, but I tend to feel extra anxious when conflict arises. Often an internal battle takes place. I may have strong feelings about something, but they keep them to myself, because I don’t want to make the other person mad. Dealing with an angry person can be overstimulating.

Plus, I hate hurting other people because I know from personal experience just how much that sucks. I  feel I have a high level of empathy, and this is just one of the ways my caring for others shows up.

Unfortunately, this means I often hide their needs and just “go along to get along.” I need a healthy way of dealing with disagreements that doesn’t involve yelling or drama.

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