Difficulty relating to others

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Deep thinking often comes with some social incompetence. Social skills are usually an innate quality, even though they can be developed.

Social communication mainly relies on the practical, everyday side of life. This is something I am not really good at as I tend to have a highly theoretical mind. This inability to connect with other people easily makes the feeling of detachment even more intense.

At the same time, deep thinking leaves a mark on my perception of other people as well.  I am fascinated with the human psyche and its mysteries. This “ability” to analyze the human nature in depth also affects my social situations and day to day interactions with people.

A person with an analytical mind can easily detect inconsistencies in someone’s behavior which indicate lies and hidden motives. As a result, this ability inevitably leads to emotional disappointment.

The more you deal with people and see their true nature, the more alone you feel.

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