Do I hate women?

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I see the word misogynist applied almost entirely to men that have committed or threatened to commit some kind of atrocity against women.

According to Wikipedia,

According to feminist theory, misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.”

I want to be on record that I harbor no ill-will towards women (except for my ex). I just don’t care for the way in which far too many women conduct themselves in their day-to-day lives and especially in relationships.

I further don’t care for the fact that many of these same women have the attitude that they don’t like the way that men conduct themselves, so it is acceptable for them to follow suit.
I have never treated women badly, as sexual objects and have not gone out of my way to seduce a woman by using tactics that some men will in order to bed her.
I am totally against any sort of verbal, emotional or physical assault including sexual assault against a woman.

I simply have reached the age where you could say that I have had enough and I want to be heard. I am tired of it being suggested that I should keep quiet for the sake of peace. I am tired of tolerating women acting as if they are somehow deserving of special treatment, not because of the fact that they are equal to men, but because they have a vagina.
Maybe it is because I am at the age where I don’t need to bite my tongue when it comes to women. My overall libido has waned and the rose-coloured glasses through which I once looked at women are broken and long-lost.

I am happy to treat my wife as an equal because she is. I am happy to be married to my wife and very happy that I am no longer dating.

I am a misogynist, actually more of an anti-misandrist and not a woman-hater.

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