No hurry to jump into bed

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I think it might be easier for a Homosexual to “get to know” themselves and to be able to identify as being Gay than for a person to identify as having introverted personality.  It was not until I heard the coined phrase and started reading about Introverts that I felt that I possessed that type of personality.  It was really like I found an answer to so many questions about how I view the world, how I process information and how I relate to other people.

One of the most interesting aspects of my personality is how it plays into my sex life.  I am not saying that everything that I feel might be considered different in the way I view sex is related to an introverted personality but it helps to have something to go on.

  • I always looked at dating as a way to find “the one”.  Never was a date just for fun, never could it be just for sex.
  • I always admired girls when I was younger and interacted and played with them more than boys.
  • I was totally infatuated with girls by grade 3.
  • If I was doing “boy” things like playing with Tonka trucks, Hotwheels and the like, I played alone.
  • My mother told me that people don’t have sex until they are married and girls that had sex before marriage were “bad”.  Going with this I kept my hands to myself, never was pushy and was totally shocked when “nice” girls I was going out with because sexual.  It did not really impress me, scared me more than anything.
  • I remember being in love with being in love, just looking at, talking to and dreaming about a special someone was enough for me.  Sex was a completely different subject and there was no need to throw that into the mix and mess everything up.
  • I always felt that sex somehow changed the dynamics of the relationship so much that avoiding it for as long as possible was a good thing.
  • My sexual fantasies are far more erotic and exotic than my real life sex.
  • When given an opportunity to participate in a real-life fantasy, MMF, MFF, I turned it down.
  • I have struggled for most of my life in bringing romantic attraction, sexual attraction and love all into one place with one person.

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